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Welcome to our shop. Here you will find an alternative route to health. We offer natural ways to conquer most ailments using Tinctures. Tinctures are the quickest way to allow natural herbs to work with your system. All it takes is a dropperful under the tongue for 30 seconds for it to take effect.

Right now we are offering:

Lavender, which helps reduce anxiety.

Chamomile, helps calm the mind and nerves.

Echinacea, which boosts immune systems and overall mental health.

Rosemary, helps support memory and eases stomach ailments.

Calendula, which helps ease menstrual cramping.

Deep Sleep, promotes a deep restful sleep.

All About the Ladies, supports all female reproductive system. From infertility to menopause.

For the Head, helps relieve migraines, calms mental tension and boosts memory.

Anti That Inflammatory, helps relieve inflammation in the body.

All these tinctures have multiple uses for multiple ailments. These are just a few to introduce you to. Visit the website to explore in depth what they can provide for you. We hope that you find a tincture that can help support you in the most natural form possible.