Baby Food: Pears

Making baby food sounds and feels more complicated then it really is. If you have a pot, a steamer basket and blender, you’re ready to rock and or roll. This recipe for pears is super easy, let’s get to it.



First wash and peel and core your pears. Then you want to cut them into big chunks. After so many times of doing this, I find you can just core them and throw them in the blender. Pears blend so easy it doesn’t take a whole lot of prepping.


Next blend them up you. Bing bang boom, baby food of the purest kind.


Pour it into ice cube trays, freeze up and then pop them out into a freezer bag and you’ve got food for a week or two.

Tips that have made my life just a tad easier,
• press and seal plastic wrap, just lay it on top and press and you’ve got a pretty decent seal for a few days.
• Leave the trays out for about five minutes before trying to pop those suckers out.
• Label label label


Happy making!


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