Baby Food: Apple Sauce


Seriously making baby food is one of the easiest things to do. Plus you are giving your sweet little human the purest form of food there is. No preservatives, dyes, chemical or other nasty little things. Just pure food. Anyway, let’s hop to it and make us some apples sauce.

As always what are we going to do? Yup, you got it, wash our fruit. Next, you want to peel those little suckers.

Get a pot with a steamer basket going on the stove. After peeling your apples, take out the core and cut in half or quarters. Throw those little puppies in the pot and steam them until they are soft.


We are going to blend them up until we get a soft purée. I put cinnamon in almost every baby food recipe, why my husband asks every single time, I don’t know it just feels right. Let me be.


Pour your delicious and super easy apple sauce in ice cube trays seal with some press and seal and freeze.

Little tips that have made my life a tad easier when making baby food.

*Use press and seal, it’s gives a pretty good seal giving you time if you can’t get to it the next day.
* leave your trays out for about five minutes before trying to pop them out into a bag. This gives them enough time to loosen up and doesn’t take as much effort.

* Always label and date your freezer bags.

That’s it people. Easy peasy.


Happy making!


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