Canning prep list


Let’s talk about what we need to prepare for all our canning adventures. Canning food is a long process that is very detail oriented. Surprisingly for someone who has ADD, me, I get it and it just works. Don’t ask! Ok focus, so here we we’ll get down and dirty on all the good you need for almost every canning project. This is a quick list and reference for your project in case you need a refresher before your projects. I’ll make a more detailed post about all the equipment, utensils and other goodies. Let’s get to it.

1. Depending on your project get your correct canner going first thing.
2. Bring out all your utensils.
3. Get all your jars, lids and rings.
4. Get a paper towel ready to go.
5. Get a bowl and put your lids in.
6. Get a towel ready on the counter where the filled jars will stay.
7. Start some music up.
8. Put on a fun apron.
9. Have fun.

Happy Canning!


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