Jalapeño, don’t mind if I do. Let’s can up some delicious jalapeños people. Many recipes for canning jalapeños include sugar, which helps balance the hotness of the pepper and the acidity of the vinegar. This recipe does not include it, my husband doesn’t like sweet, even a hint of it, when it come to his peppers. Or anything really. This canning project is super easy. As with all canning projects get yourself ready (read here) Let’s roll.

First thing first, get your water bath canner boiling on the stove. That bad boy takes some time to get going. In this project I only used 8 oz jars. So you don’t have to fill up your canner all the way if you are using that size, just enough to cover it about two inches.

Wash those peppers up yo. Now at this point it is probably a wise idea to grab some gloves and glove up. Unless you want to live on the edge and say, “F” it I am a rebel. Then be my guest and chance it away. Oh by chance it away I mean last the entire project in a hot sweaty kitchen cutting jalapeños and not touching your face the whole time.


Next, we want to slice them and throw them in a bowl of room temperature water. Letting them soak for about ten minutes helps get some of the seeds off. You are not getting all of them off, just the ones that fall off easily.

In a pot get yourself together, 4 cups of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of salt and bring to a boil. Don’t do this until you are ready to pour into jars and put in canner. The longer it boils the faster it dissipates. When you start your vinegar mixture, ladle some boiling water from your canner over your lids. This softens them up for the sealing process. This is the point where you want to drop your jars into the boiling water bath canner and sterilize your jars for ten minutes.

How ever many jars you are canning get a clove of garlic for each. I didn’t mince the garlic, although you are more than welcome to. After I opened the cloves I just smashed them a bit to get the juices a flowing and dropped them in the jars.


Place your funnel on your jars and scoop the jalapeños in. Next ladle the vinegar salt mixture in leaving a 1/4 inch of head space. Place your seals on and your rings only finger tight.

Drop those puppies in the canner and process for about 10 minutes. Your time starts when the water goes back up to boiling.

Ta da! You just canned yo self some jalapeños.


Now what to do with these little mouth watering pickled peppers?

You can:

Put them on hot dogs

In quesadillas

Chop them up put them in your eggs or omelette

Lay them on top of nachos

Any meal you want a little pucker to, throw some of those bad boys in.

Happy canning!


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