Harvesting Tomato Seed


We are going to get down and sticky with the inside of a tomato today. We are harvesting tomato seeds for next years garden. This process is a tad bit lengthy, a whole lot messy, and totally worth it. So grab a jar, gloves if your girly and all your tomatoes. Let’s do this.

First things first, wash those bad boys.


Next you want to cut them length wise so that you are cutting the core all the way down, not just in half. Take your spoon and spoon out the seeds and its gelatin into a jar. Now if your are preserving these tomatoes, which most likely you are, take a knife and cut the core out. You’ll save yourself some time.


Next slap a lid on that puppy and let sit for three days. Make sure you stir it everyday. Do not add any additional water. What’s happening here is that a fermentation process starts and the seeds that are viable sink to the bottom. Stirring it helps release the seeds from the gelatin.


After three days, you are going to add three time the amount of water. So let’s say you have a cup of tomato juice goodness, you are going to add three cups of water. You are going to change the water everyday until your seeds are clean.




After seeds are clean, strain them out and lay them on a drying screen or paper towel. If laying them on a drying screen, you want to spread them out using water. If you try to use your hands all the seeds will just stick to your hand. If using a paper towel, try as best as you can to lay them out as much as possible. Every day for the next three to five days run your hands through the seed, breaking them up from each other. Once seeds are completely dry, drop in an envelope label, date and wait for the fruit of your labor to flourish in your garden next year.

Happy seeding!


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