Homemade Toothpaste


Tired of brushing with fluoride? We were too, so we decide to make our own toothpaste. You know what, it has been the best experience ever. There are so many recipes out there using combinations of baking soda and coconut oil but for some reason brushing with coconut oil just didn’t tickle our fancy. This recipes has been a perfect combination of minty goodness and fresh feeling cleanliness. As usual with most of my recipes, it is as easy as one, two, three. Let’s get to it.


Organic baking soda
Food grade hydrogen peroxide
Vegetable glycerin
Peppermint essential oil

Shall we do a quick discussion on each of these ingredients? It will be quick, I promise. Baking soda cleans. Hydrogen peroxide kills bad bacteria and whitens. Stevia sweetens it, well because it’s pretty salty without it. Vegetable glycerin is used as a thickening agent as well as a sweetener. Peppermint essential oil makes your mouth sing with freshness. Done. See I told you it would be quick. On to the making of it.

Grab your self a bowl and start mixing. There really is no exact measurement. What you are looking for is a toothpaste like consistency. Start with the baking soda, add the peroxide and vegetable glycerin and mix until you find that paste. To thick? Add some more peroxide. To runny? Add more baking soda and a dabble of vegetable glycerin. Now with the stevia you are going to add just one heaping spoonful. I added a heaping and a leveled out spoonful and it was perfect for the amount shown in the picture above. Next, add about 20-25 drops of peppermint essential oil. Guess what, you just made some pure, heavenly tasting toothpaste for a fraction of what organic non fluoride toothpaste costs. The best part is, you made it yourself.

When choosing the ingredients, choose wisely. Choose organic, pure, food grade ingredients. Remember, this is going in your mouth you want to feel good about it.

Happy brushing!


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