Our Journey into Homesteading


The beauty in life is learning how to be self sufficient. We have grown a deep passion for not relying on anyone or anything to keep us going. We have not mastered this homesteading journey, but strive to test our limits everyday. I have these moments when something just clicks and I think to myself, “hellooooo, YES, I’ve got this!” Then I have moments when I think, “man, I’m so far from the goal we have set.” But homesteading is just that, it’s a journey of learning and feeling and loving. We started our journey into homesteading 5 years ago. It started with a panic of “the worlds coming to an end!” Don’t laugh, it will hit you one day and then you’ll think oh shit I got to prepare! After a small breakdown due to pure panic, we stopped, looked at each other and said, what are we doing? We took a deep breath and found the journey of learning how to become self sufficient. Ahhh much better.


We learned how to make our own shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, lotion, toothpaste, laundry soap, cleaning products and …… He learned how to make a rocket stove out of cans, yes that’s right, cans. We sat in our backyard and learned how to start a fire without a match. We would go a day without electricity and use lanterns for light. We learned how to make a lantern and the how using olive oil works just as good as kerosene. We started our first garden and our second….and third. I learned how to can my first jar of jam. Man, that was exciting, that moment when my first jar sealed with the delicate sound of a “ping.” I learned what it meant to eat meat respectfully. To know where your food comes from and how that animal was treated really does make a difference.


Then we grew out of the tiny two bedroom apartment with a yard the size of a garage. Just when we started to think, how can we do this on a bigger scale? This energy circled us and a door to owning house opened, with a huge yard and freedom to live. A yard now filled with a peach, nectarine, lemon, lime, pomegranate, two apple and a mulberry tree. Filled with more Lavender and sage then you could imagine. A passion fruit bush fighting with purple pole beans for the right to the archway that they share. Blueberry, goji berry, strawberry, zucchini, tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes. Filled with best damn edamame you have ever tasted. A grape bush that will soon fill our bellies with deliciousness.


When we stop to think about where we were and where we are, we are completely thankful and humbled. When you watch a seed grow into a full on artichoke, it does something to you. You connect with this energy that brings you peace and you see and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Yes, there are times when we fall off and get jaded. But something always pulls us back into that beauty.






This is our journey. It is beautiful, fulfilling and brings us peace. It is the world we created and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy homesteading!


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