Save Those Egg Shells,Yo


Listen yo, you have got to save your egg shells. Your soil and your plants will thank you. Just like your soil and plants need nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium  it also may need calcium. Egg shells can help greatly with that. Saving your egg shells really is not that hard or inconvenient to do. They don’t smell and it’s just a behavior you make into a habit like composting. When my husband asked me to start saving them I thought, really? Now, it’s just second nature and our garden thanks us. Let’s get to it, shell we. Haha get it, shell we like egg shell, haha, ok no seriously let’s do this.


You want to find a container to keep your egg shells stored in everyday until you have enough to make a decent bags worth. The container is going to be stored on your counter, so pick one that’s decent looking. I didn’t want to go buy anything so we used an old dog vitamin container and I just arts it up a little.


Now, what you want to do before you dump these little shells of gold in your container, is microwave the shells for one minute and thirty seconds. This will kill of any bacteria left on the shell. It will also kill the odor that could form. After your done microwaving them, toss them in your container until full.


Now comes the fun part. Drop a little at a time in a food processor or high powered blender. The only thing I have against the blender is that some of the shells will get pushed against the sides of the bottom of the blender and tends to burn up the blender. So I just stick to the food processor. You want to process or blend until the shells become really fine, almost powder like.


Pour into a bag and label and your done homie. How easy was that!

To use:
You can mix them into your compost.
Pour into the bottoms of the hole when planting.
You can even use it for a light mulch on top of plants.

Happy egg shelling!


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