Propagating Lavender


Let’s root some things shall we. We have a ton of lavender plants that have blossomed like you have never seen. So I thought I would share that love and start rooting these bad boys. Lavender is just such a beautiful plant to have in your garden. It smells divine and the flowers are these delicate purple blooms that just make your heart smile.

Lavender is a wonderful medicinal plant to have around. It can be made into a tea to help relax the mind and soul or to help smooth an upset stomach. It can be used to bring down the swelling of a burn or bug bite. It can help reduce headaches and toothaches. It is an anti-inflammatory, as well as, purifying. It can be made into a salve, poultice, tea, it can be dried for an air freshener. You can make a linen spray with it and feel like you are in heaven every time you walk into your room. Seriously people, this plant is absolutely amazing. The one thing about the medicinal properties of any plant is you have to believe in it. You have to see it as medicine. Once you do a whole new world opens up! Now, you are probably thinking, “yea, whatever hippie!” You can think what you will homie, but seriously, a whole new world opens up. Anyway, let’s root some stuff.


You want to look for a stem of the plant that doesn’t have a flower on it and seems some what younger. When you feel the stem it will feel a tad bit softer then the others. You don’t want one that feels……woody. Now you want to cut right below a node. If you look at the picture above, the very end you can see sprouts on both sides, that’s a node and you want to cut right below it.


Next, you want to cut off all the leaves. All the way until the very top.


Now, you want to actually cut the leaves in half. By doing this you release some of that energy that the plant is putting towards those leaves. This let’s the plant put energy into producing new roots.



Place your stems in water and place in a sunny spot. Rooting takes about a week or two. You will see tiny little strings coming out from the bottoms of the stem. It’s all very exciting! Once you see roots you can plant that bad boy in a pot and put back in your garden or you can share the love and pass it along to some one else to enjoy.

Happy rooting!

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