Essential Oils


Essential oils are a huge part of our daily lives. We use it to uplift us when we need a pick me up. We use it when someone is starting to feel a cold coming on. We use them in diffusers so the whole house smells yummy. Every night we put some on our wrists, neck and temple to help us sleep. I mean they are everywhere and are used for everything. There are so many brands of essential oils out there and it can get real confusing real fast. Most oils say, do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use on children. Do not ingest. I’ll be honest they scared me for a long time. I mean how in the world are you supposed to make it apart of your natural  medicine cabinet if you are to scared to use them? Then I came across doTERRA, can I get a moment of “AHHHHHHH.” When we bought our first one and gave it a go, my husband looked at me after I dabbled a little on his wrist and said, “now why in the world do I just trust this stuff for no reason?” Ah but there is a reason, who doesn’t want Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade product apart of their lives? These oils are the purest form of oils. Can I get a Hallelujah.


My favorite oils are lavender, lemon, peppermint, balance, breathe, and On Guard. Now that is not to say that I do not have other favorite oils, these are just the ones we use in our house the most. We use lavender for just about everything. Can’t sleep, lavender. Anxiety, lavender. Stressed, lavender. Children acting like crazy people, LAVENDER. Lemon just makes everything feel and smell like a clean perfect spring day, so I mean come on. Peppermint we use for our tooth paste. We also mix in our diffuser lavender and lemon, it smells heavenly. Balance I literally rub all over my body before bed. It smells so relaxing. Breathe helps relieve congestion. I put it on the bottoms of my children feet and it helps calm them down greatly when they are not feeling well. OnGuard helps boost immunity and cut the duration of a cold way down. There are so many other oils that can help with what ever is ailing your household.

So lets dive in to what an essential oil actually is:

Essential oils are aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, steams roots and the flowers of a plant. Essential oils tend to positively effect ones health, mood and well being. The medicinal properties of a plant can be easily accessed  through the extraction of oils. Allowing you to use it topically, aromatically and, in some cases and oils, internally. Making it much more convenient to take the holistic route.

How in the world do they work you ask:

When applied topically, the molecules in the oil are absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream. The medicinal properties found in the oil begin to help your body build a defense mechanism for that ailment. The incredible thing about using essential oils or medicinal plants is that your body does not build a tolerance to them eventually making them useless after so many uses. Creating a regimen with essential oils on a daily basis, allows your body to react faster when there is an ailment starting to attacking the body. Many people will turn to essential oils or medicinal plants to help heal them only after that ailment has taken over the body to the highest degree. When the oil or plant does not react fast enough they believe it does not work and will turn to man made medicine. You have to believe and incorporate theses natural resources daily, so that your body becomes acclimated.

How to use these bad boys:

Topically: A drop on the wrist, temples, chest and or neck are great places to use topically.  The bottoms of the feet are a fantastic place as well. If you have sensitive skin, a carrier oil is suggested, such as, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil. Whatever tickles your fancy really.

Aromatically: A diffuser is one of the best ways to get these little molecules in the air. A humidifier works as well. Now a diffuser puts off a fine vaporized mist and a humidifier actually puts humidity in the air. Humidifiers help relieve chest a nasal congestion, especially when eucalyptus and lemon are added to it. You can also use an oil burner, where the little bowl sits on top of a candle and the heat burns the oil. Again whichever one sends a tingle down your spine.

Internally: Now I must make a huge note here, when using any oil internally make sure it is at its purest form and the highest quality you can get. They point here is to put something natural in your body that is going to do more good than harm. I honestly had never taken any oil internally until I found doTERRA.When taking any oil internally you always want to remember to dilute with a liquid. I wouldn’t suggest just putting drops in your mouth.

Where do you start:

image  Introductory kit $26.67

This introductory kit is fabulous to start out with. It’s got the three perfect 5 ml oils lemon, lavender and peppermint,  to start experimenting with and it’s reasonably priced.

As you begin your journey into the wonderful world of oils you are going to make the most common mistake and that’s buying the cheapest oils there are. I know homie, I did the same thing. I ended up a lot of the time not even using them because they freaked me out when I read don’t use while pregnant,  nursing, on children or do not ingest. After finding doTERRA, I don’t even think twice. These oils are apart of my family and I feel good about every way to use them. doTERRA gives you the purest form of oil. Most of the time other oils are cut with carrier oils or other additives, making you use way more then you should so that they work. When using doTERRA, 1-3 drops is all it takes for that oil to take effect making it worth every penny.

DoTerra is a wonderful place to start when building your holistic medicine cabinet. When your child has chest congestion rub some Breathe on the bottoms of their feet. When you have a headache I encourage you to massage some lavender in your temples and the back of your neck. There is no reason why we should have a medicine cabinet filled with products that are made with stuff we can’t even pronounce. Trust that Mother Nature knows what she’s doing and that she’s there for you and your beautiful family.

Want to explore the wonderful world of doTERRA? I know you want to, visit my little shop. 

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One thought on “Essential Oils

  1. One word…. LAVENDER!

    I LOVE IT! I use it on my new granddaughter. In her bath with her lotion. It’s so calming and soothing! Maybe time to start trying other oils!



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