Our Sunday


The day starts with a beautiful little voice yelling “daaaaddy, moooommy I’m awake.” Half eyed and still in a sleep daze he gets right out of bed to greet the beautiful soul we created. As I lay there waiting to cuddle with the sweetest thing in the world, I give my thanks to the higher energy that grants me this incredible life. Wild hair and all she climbs into bed with us. “How did you sleep baby?” “Like a princess!” She slides right under the covers and melts her little body in her mama and daddy’s bed. A place that she feels the safest, where nothing else in the world matters, where time literally stops and this moment is cherished. A little while later the sounds of little man stirring in his crib sound on the monitor. That’s our cue to get this day going.
We are greeted with the second most beautiful soul we created. These big blue eyes look up at you with the greatest smile. His whole 20 lb, dense little pound cake like body sinks into me as I pick him up and say good morning. Nothing else in the world matters.
Breakfast time is always entertaining. One side of the table is a screaming little chipmunk demanding more food before he starves. The other side you have a curly hair babes that has not touched a thing on her plate but is yelling “I’m done daddy, frozen yogurt please.” My God these frozen yogurts, every second of everyday it’s, “frozen yogurt?” Now little mans  getting hooked on them. I guess it could be worse right?!
Then we travel outside to our backyard, a world that is only for us. A world where you feel life and love and everything else that matters. A world where you forget that there is an actual world beyond our fence. He goes straight to planting our fall/winter garden. Full of lettuce, spinach, carrots and kale. I go to planting my pineapple sage that finally rooted. The sounds of laughter fills the air. The sound of a bouncer rattling. The sound of daddy explaining how to plant seeds to our curly haired babes. The sound of Mia cat meowing and rubbing her face on my knee as I bend down. The sound of feet running and yelling “hi boy!” His response, the sweetest deep laugh followed by the rattle of his bouncer. It’s warm out but the breeze is cool and filled with energy that brings a calm over all of us. An energy that allows us to soak in the moment.


A moment is taken to, you guessed, have some frozen yogurt. We sit as three on the cool asphalt. Mia cat shortly joins in. He is still planting our soon to be food. After frozen yogurt, little man naps. I start to get a planter ready for planting. I pull up the old planter and dig out the grass. I lay cardboard down to help block the weeds. I fill two buckets with soil so that my area is flat. I hear,
“Mama, what’s that?”
“Soil, baby.”
“Oh, can I touch it?”
“Oh sure! Ok. Mama can I throw it?”
“ In the planter only.”
“ Planter only? Ok”


We catch each other’s eyes and smile. We both know the thought that’s in our heads, that we can’t believe we made her. We fill the planter with soil, together her and I. We plant, lettuce, arugula and kale. We water our new little seedling and send it good juju.
We move on to plant some more seedlings. Chamomile, peppermint, calendula, and white yarrow will soon fill our garden.


“Mama, can I pick apple?”
“Sure, baby.”
“Oh sure! Ok. Mama help.”
“Here you go honey.”
“Mama, wash it?”
“Yup we have to wash it.”

The sound of a crunch fills the air. A smile of pure delight is immediately followed from her innocent face.


A yawn happens, nap time. Oh but wait, little man wakes up. Time to fill his belly. He and I then share some time together and go to the store. He stays behind with her and makes fire starters using a rocket stove that he built.

As we return, she wakes up from her nap. “How did you sleep hunny?” “I slept tight.” We eat some burritos outside. And feel the cool air coming in. We con her into coming inside. I make toothpaste and lunches. I get coffee ready for tomorrow morning. I prepare dinner. We sit down to a screaming chipmunk demanding more food and to a curly haired babes yelling “I’m done! Frozen yogurt please.”
We finally find our way to the couch for a few minutes of relaxation. We all cuddle and laugh. Yell and play. Little man goes to sleep. We “brush ‘em” say good night to daddy and finally we get to hear one another speak. We talk, we share the parts of the day the other missed. I rub his back and type with one hand. And then I sink in and write.
This was our Sunday. A beautiful, blissful day that I could not be more thankful for.

Happy Sunday!


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