Comfrey Poultice


We are making a poultice here people. If you don’t know about Comfrey yet I suggest you mozy on over here and read about it. It’s an amazing plant to have on hand. When growing medicinal herbs finding ways to actually use them can be tricky. You have tinctures, salves, poultices, ointments, oils, teas…. I mean seriously, the list is long. Which is a really an incredible thing because no matter what ailment you are after there is a natural way to help cure it. So today we are venturing into the poultice world. A poultice is a soft mass of material, such as herbs, that can be applied topically to skin. What a poultice does is comes in direct contact with the area that is needing attention and allows the medicinal properties of the plant to enter the blood stream. Poultices are incredibly easy to make and great to have stocked up in the freezer to always have on hand. While poultice can be made with almost any herb, we are making a Comfrey poultice. Comfrey is an anti inflammatory, helps heal burns, scrapes and wounds, helps heal sprains and broken bones. So needless to say we want this bad  boy ready to rock when we need. Alright, let’s do this.


First off, gather up some leaves. We are going to be chopping and blending so make sure you gather quite a bit. Now you want to give these leaves a little rinse. Don’t go crazy, just rinse them enough.


Next, roughly chop up leaves. Just enough to where they fit in your blender.



Jam some in your blender or food processor add a little warm water, not too much just enough and blend up until a thick paste appears.


Lay out some cheese cloth and slap a little in the middle. Fold it up and really that’s it.


We laid some out on some wax paper and popped them in our freezer. That way if needed we can use it as a cold compress or thaw it out and use it accordingly. How easy was that. For a video of how we make this bad boy, check out Harvesting A Green Life on YouTube.

Happy poultice making!


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