Chamomile and Lavender Tea for the Bath



So my little poodles, and by poodles I mean my children not actual poodles, are not feeling well. They got a little nasty chest cold happening and it’s really not fun for any of us. When your kids are sick, do you ever not want to inhaling the same air as them? Or when they go to touch your, well anything, you pause for a second and hold your breath and think, “oh man, I’m probably going to get sick!” Or better yet when they look right at you with that sweet poor little sick face and in that moment your guard drops and you just want to cuddle them and then they cough practically in your mouth and then in your head you yell, “damn it, now I’m really going to get sick!”……..anyone?…….. just me?……come on, you know what I’m talking about. Anyway moving on, so my poodles are sick right now and yes while we do give them medication like Tylenol, we still like to help them feel better using natural remedies as well. My go to when they are not feeling well is to make a tea for their bath using lavender and chamomile. These two together smell just heavenly. The strong aroma of the lavender soothes them while the chamomile relaxes their ailments. Let’s dive into both of these herbs.

Chamomile is such an essential herb to have on hand when you have kids. It is one of the safest herbs for children to ingest. When our son was born he was very colicky. When nothing else worked I would make him a very diluted chamomile tea and give it to him in a dropper. It would relax him enough for us to grab a breath before he started up again. I would also make a double strength batch of chamomile tea and pour it in his bath. Man oh man, I discovered the powers of this method. He would go into a little bath sedation. His whole body would relax and you can see him soak in every bit of what was happening. So once I found this, it’s usually my go to when they need help relaxing.


So chamomile is super helpful for stomach digestion. It helps with colicky babies. It helps relieve diarrhea. It helps relieve stress and anxiety. Chamomile can help relax sore muscles and joint aches. It is super helpful to calm the nervous system. It’s been known to help with menstrual cramping. It can be taken internally, topically, and aromatically. There are a few ways that you can introduce chamomile into your life. By making a tincture, salve, tea or essential oil. Tinctures are amazing. They are usually made by infusing vodka with dried herbs and then taken internally. However, you can also use vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar. Salves allows you to apply it topically like a lotion. Teas allow you to ingest it internally and essential can be used topically as well as aromatically.


Lavender, as we have discussed before, is just amazing. It is an antifungal, antibacterial, it helps calm the nervous system and helps relieve headaches and minor aches and pains. Lavender just smells absolutely divine so by adding this to a bath or honestly any way possible, will only make your soul smile. Lavender can be used the same way as chamomile as a tincture, salve, tea or essential oil or however your little heart desires. Lavender can be ingested. For me when an herb can be ingested I feel pretty confident with it being safe enough for my children.

So let’s make a little ol’ tea for the bath shall we.

if I don’t have any lavender harvested from the garden my favorite place to buy herbs so far is from Mountain Rose Herbs. They are certified organic and I don’t know why but I just dig them. Same with chamomile, we haven’t had any luck, just yet, growing chamomile so I usually buy it from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Now naturally I remembered to take pictures after I had already steeped my tea so bare with me. So, to make a tea for the bath there really are no measurements, let’s eyeball it here people it’s going to be okay. Fill a small pot up with water and bring to a boil. Throw in about ¼ cup of each herbs. Turn off the flame and cover your pot and allow to steep for about 20-30 minutes.


Once it’s done steeping grab a jar or bowl place a strainer over the top and pour your tea through. You can take a spoon and press all the liquid out. Toss your steeped flowers in your compost.

You’re ready to rock. Toss that tea in a bath and let it do its magic.


Happy tea making!

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