A Ton of Fun Sh!t Happening


Hmmm let’s see, there are so many things I’d like to share with you but none of them have a enough content to make a full post. So I am going to combined them all and share what we’ve been up to and what posts are in your near future. Shall we get to it? Let’s do this.

Well we refreshed our kitchen, can I get a hallelujah and a thumbs up! The last thing we have to do is update the counter tops. These counter tops have stood the test of time. I mean they’re indestructible, no matter what knife you “accidentally “ run over them, there is not a single scratch on these freaking countertops.  Anyway, so on went the overalls and with a little paint in the hair, it has been refreshed. I’m in love with my whole kitchen, uh um well except the indestructible countertops!




After. It might not look like much of a difference but holy moly there is.





We have some herbs still drying. Posts to come, how to make a lavender, chamomile salve. Yay!


Here is some of our late fall harvest.


The most delicious purple sweet potatoes you’ll ever taste. Beautiful Meyer lemons. Some of the sweetest little baby gala apples. A few tiny zucchinis, man they still kept producing. Nothing is sweeter then pulling pure organic clean food straight from your backyard and into your belly.

We made sweet potato hash for breakfast. Yea, the name kinda threw me off too and I was on the fence when he told me that’s what he was making for breakfast. Holy moly man, the most delicious breakfast we have had yet. All he did was sauté some onion, garlic, red bell pepper, purple sweet potato with fresh rosemary and some spices until it was all cooked and the onions were caramelized. Then he fried an egg and put it on top. I highly recommend. Forgive the pictures, they don’t do the deliciousness justice. But you get the idea.

We got some apple cider vinegar, well, apple cider vinegaring. Yes, vinegaring. I can’t wait to share this one with you, if it ever turns to vinegar. Patience.


We shoveled an entire tree trimming truck load of mulch off our driveway and into the backyard. Ahh the smell of pine dances through the air.



We got some comfrey steeping in some olive oil to make a comfrey salve. Read about how amazing comfrey is here. Read about how to make a comfrey poultice here.


Homemade kefir, yogurt and sourdough bread are in the near future.

Yaaaahooo. A ton of fun stuff happening over here.

Happy doing a ton of sh!t!
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