Oil Cleansing Method


You want me to clean my face with what?! That’s right my friends, oil. I found this method of facial cleansing about a year ago. I went out and bought the oil came home and never did it. Then one day my husband started talking about how he found this new way to clean his face using oil instead of soap. Oh yea, I wanted to do that too didn’t I?! And so the method of oil cleaning was born in our house. What is it exactly? Well let’s jump right on in shall we.

So you know how when you are buying soap for your face, you look for oil stopping cleaners because you have really oily skin. Well by doing that you are actually forcing your face to make more oil then it’s supposed to resulting in a super oily skin. You see, those chemicals used to “dry up” your skin actually triggers your skin to produce an inappropriate amount of oil, which leads to clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. Oh and more oil then you know what to do with. By replacing your oil stopping cleanser with, well, oil your skin starts to balance out its oil making abilities. That’s correct, I just said oil making abilities. So let’s dive into how we use this method.

First off you need to pick an oil that appropriate for your skin type. This might take a few try’s using different oils until you find the one that makes your skin sing. I started out with coconut oil but then learned that it’s an comedogenic, which means it clogs pores resulting in blackheads. I love coconut oil though and use it as lotion a lot of the time. Then I tried sweet almond oil, which was lovely but I felt it was to light and I needed more after the process was done. Then I tried rose hip oil. This oil was pleasant for a while. However, for some reason it started drying out my skin more then made it sing. My husband really liked this oil and still uses it. I moved on to apricot oil and holy moly did my face sing. It is a little on the thicker side of oils but I think that’s what I needed. After I’m done I still feel moisturized  but not oily. It’s a perfect balance of the two.

What you want to do is massage the oil into your face and neck.  What I’ve learned from my husband is make a spiritual act. Don’t just rub it on your face but really appreciate what this oil is going to do for your skin. Doing this just makes you slow down from your fast paced day and allows you to reflect and appreciate. I admit sometimes I just do it to get it done but most times I try and hear my husbands words and allow myself that minute. Next, run the hot water and grab yourself a face towel or wash cloth. If you have a towel steamer, heat that bad boy up. Run the wash cloth or towel under the hot water, as hot as you can stand it, ring it out really well and lay it on your face. Allow the steam to devour your face and neck. This step is super important because the steam opens up your pores. Once your pores are open, the oil pours in and cleans out the dirt and nasty stuff. Once the towel cools down, roll your towel up and gently wipe your face. Our faces are delicate so treat it that way, don’t rub the oil off, just lightly wipe away the dirt that was brought to the surface. And you’re done homies.

Here are some oils that you could experience the with:

Jojoba oil– Rich in vitamins E and B complex, it’s known to soften skin.

Avocado oil– Rich in vitamins A and E. This oil is a very thick oil so use with caution.

Castor oil– Rich in omega 6 and vitamin E. This oil rehydrates skin while reducing uneven skin tones.

Argon oil– This oil is made up of mostly fatty acids, which is amazing at rehydrating the skin.

Sweet Almond oil– Rich in vitamins E and K, which helps maintain elasticity and promotes circulation.

Rosehip Seed oil– Super high in vitamin A, which helps fade wrinkles and regenerates the growth of skin cells at a rapid pace.

Apricot Kernel oil– Rich in omega 6, which helps hydrate skin and reduces wrinkles.

Thats it. Can you hear your face singing? After your done just take a look at your face, I swear you’ll hear it. Along with a pleasant sigh, “ahhhhhh” of relief. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Or if you have an oil that makes your skin sing, share it.

Happy oiling!



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