Homemade Deodorant


Say what! You heard me mang, homemade deodorant. It really is a satisfying thing to slowly start weeding out commercial products and replacing them with natural resources. To tell you the truth I’ve gone back and forth with weeding commercial products out. I go for a long time with using homemade products and then I second guess myself or think, is this product really working? I go back to using chemically filled tubes of lord knows what. I don’t feel totally great about it but it’s what I’m used to and it feels and smells nice. Then it hits me again, wait why am I using this? So here we are again. My plan this year is to completely weed out skin and hair care products and replace them with natural resources. Let’s see if I can make it an entire year. So far I’ve stopped using commercial shampoo and conditioner. Ive replaced it with Dr. Bronners soap and citrus hair rinse. Now let’s replace this nastiness we call deodorant.

Why love your armpits? Well they are your bodies way of expelling toxins. When we sweat we expel toxins and if allowed, much of that sweating is done by those lovely little armpits of yours. When we use commercial deodorants that contain nasty chemicals like, aluminum, formaldehyde, carcinogens, and antifreeze agents we are contaminating our bodies even more then we realize. These chemicals block your pours from releasing sweat or toxins. They fill your body with unnecessary hormones. It’s not good people. So let’s love our armpits again and make them some deodorant that’s going to allow them to sing again……and sweat.

I’ve made a ton of different deodorants over time. There are a lot of good recipes out there. I’m not saying this is the ONLY one I’ll use. But it’s by far the best most familiar feeling recipe I have found. I may experiment with another recipe later but I’ll keep you posted. For now let’s make this armpit goodness up.

You’re going to need:

Arrowroot powder

Baking Soda

Coconut Oil

Esential oils of your choice. I suggest tea tree oil and lavender. Tea tree is an antifungal, which will help protect against bacteria. Lavender smells delicious and is an antibacterial and antiseptic.


Now for those of you who need exact measurements, this is where your anxiety is going to peak, there are none. You just need to throw a little of this maybe a lot of that to get the right consistency. If you need a measurement to start with, I would start with a cup of each arrowroot and baking soda and go from there. What you are looking for is, when you crush some in your hand, it will stay intact. If it doesn’t, then add a little more coconut oil. You do not want a paste but you do not want it to be powder. Once you have your consistency down, add in your oils.


I had an empty Dove deodorant stick that I cleaned and then just packed in my homemade stuff. It packs in pretty nicely and you are still able to use the dial to turn the deodorant up when needed. Boom son, you’re done. Now go on and let those armpits of yours breath and detox.


I am serious, they need to detox. This takes about a week or two depending. The first few days you’ll be like, oh yea this is cool, I’m not sweating I smell great…! Then BAM a week or so later you start sweating like a hog and a nice little musty smell starts taking a toll on your self confidence. This is where you start reaching for the damn commercially made crap. I encourage you to keep going, my friend. I promise this stage is only temporary. Your little armpits need time to detox and your ph needs to balance back out. Once this happens you won’t sweat as much and the smell may lessen. I say may because you just might be a naturally smelly mofo.

So let’s do this thing together. High five for happy pits!

Happy deodorant making yo!

This post contains affiliate links. That means when you click on my suggested products and buy them. I get a few cents here and there but there is not additional cost for you. Hasn’t happened yet but I’m very excited for it to!



2 thoughts on “Homemade Deodorant

  1. I myself stopped using commercial deodorants almost a year ago and have tried a few recipes as well as purchased some Lush options. This past summer the sweating followed by a pungent change in body odor steered me back to commercial brands. Once the heat spell past I went back to my Lush favorite. Now, I’m ready to try this, THANKS for the encouragement!


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