Save Those Banana Peels Yo


What in the world does one do with a crap ton of bananas? Eat them silly! Now what in the world does one do with a crap ton of banana peels? Use them in your garden silly! Let’s talk about that delicious piece of fruit that contains oh so many uses. Now you’re probably wondering why in the world do they have so many bananas. I know that’s what you’re thinking. We are banana eaters people. We freeze them and our kids mow on them like they are going out of style. Who am I kidding we do to. Frozen bananas are our ice cream. When we want something sweet we bust one of those frozen bad boys out and indulge. They are perfect. So needless to say we tend to buy a crap ton of bananas. This last trip to the store I bought two 5 lb bunches and then my husband came home with two bunches of marked down bananas. Hello crap ton of bananas. This was perfect because we needed to refill our fertilizer bag anyway. Wait, I thought we were talking about bananas? Oh yea, so what you do with all those banana peels is dry them, grind them and spread them as fertilizer in your garden. Let’s dive in shall we.

Bananas contain high amounts of:

Potassium which helps with root development. It also helps regulate water flow through the steam and leaves building a stronger plant that becomes disease and pest resistant.

Magnesium which helps photosynthesis to take place, which actually feed the plant the nutrients it needs.

Calcium which is another helper with root development. Calcium helps build your soil by helping breakdown nitrogen. Egg shells are another great way to add calcium to your soil.

While bananas contain many other nutrients, these three help a great deal with soil and plant development.  Adding them to your garden in various ways can help build a beautiful strong garden. Doing some research I have found a few ways that we have not yet tried but may give it a go this year.

One way is by making a banana peel compost tea. All you do is cut up the banana peel throw it in a pitcher or bucket, depending on how many peels you have, with water and let it sit for a week. After a week you strain out the peels throw them in the compost. When ready to use mix one cup of tea with one gallon of water. This could be used to get rid of aphids, just spray your plants generously. Or water the base of your plants to add some extra nutrients.

The main way my husband uses our banana peels is by drying them out, grinding them up and mixing it in with the soil as an added fertilizer. To do this method we are going to either bust out our dehydrator or just turn the oven to the lowest setting. We are going to use the oven here. Let’s get a rollin’ shall we.


First things first, get a peelin’. Peel like you’ve never peeled before. Peel your little heart out. Peel like you just don’t give a f….. I mean…..


Next line a baking sheet, or in my case sheets, with foil. Turn your oven to the lowest setting. Lay out your peels, try and not let then touch each other to much. If they overlap it will just take that much longer for them to dry.


Don’t forget to freeze your bananas for a tasty treat later.


Let those bad boys dry for a good 6-8 hours. A funny smell will travel through your house, just get over it and let it happen. When you touch them you want them to be hard. Not squishy. Once they are ready, let them cool.


Bust out your food processor or blender, which ever tickles your fancy. Break those suckers up a bit and place in your chosen grinder. Boom, grind like you’ve never ground before. Grind it up good yo.


That’s it homie. Store them in a plastic storage bag or container of your choice and use at will. I do believe that’s it. Enjoy!

Happy banana peelin!

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