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Medicinal Herb Series: Sage


We are exploring the very interesting world of SAGE. Who would have thought this little plant packed so much punch. For centuries sage has been used in the kitchen, making dinners just a tad bit more delicious. But for centuries it has also been used as a medicinal herb as well. Let’s explore why you should have a ton of sage on hand at all times.

Growing Sage

Best grown in zones 4-8. If you are unsure of what zone you are, literally google it, it will pop right up. Sage loves full sun, warm conditions and well drained soil. I live in zone 9 and it has done great. As the plant matures, it can get leggy and wordy, so be sure to trim it back before spring brings new growth. The parts of the plant used are the leaves.


Medicinal uses

Sage or Salvias officinalis is related to the rosemary plant and closely related to the mint family. It has been said that the rosemarinic acid within the plant contains many of its invaluable properties. Rosemarinic acid is an antibacterial, antimicrobial and an antioxidant. And has the biggest hand in preventing damage that has been caused by free radicals. Free radicals are atoms that have an odd number of electrons. Once these radicals form in the body, the cells in the body start to break down. Please take some time to look into free radicals. There is way to much science involved for me to fully explain. Free radicals are caused by, well everything,  our food, our beauty products, the sun, viruses…. I mean everything. So to help counter act the inevitable, pack yourself with antioxidants. Antioxidants counteract free radicals and do not allow them to fester in the body. So looping back around to sage, which contains a high amount of rosemarinic acid, which is super high in antioxidants, which will help reduce and prevent free radicals, which cause all the nasty stuff we feel. Whoo. Did you get that? Let’s dive into a little deeper what kinds of goodness sage has.


First on my list is cognitive support. This is has been shown through studies on individuals who showed results with hours of taking sage. Their memory became more clear and their ability to concentrate enhanced. The neural pathways are stimulated creating the ability to stay focused. It has also been known to help treat AAlzheimer’s disease.

High in Antioxidants. This helps reduce and eliminate free radicals in the body caused by everyday living. Free radicals seem impossible to avoid, so to help the inevitable we must load up on things like antioxidants to help reverse some of that damage.

Digestive support. There is a bitter component to sage that helps increase digestive secretions that help allow the digestive track to flow. This can also be taken as a carminative, which helps relieve flatulence.

Skin Care. Just like any herb, sage can be used in salves, tinctures and teas. For help with acne, blemishes or uneven skin tones, rub a sage salve on your face to help balance out skin issues.

Helps relieve muscle tension. By using as a salve, you can rub on sore or tense muscles to help relieve the pain. There is an anti sporadic compound that helps relieve that tension.

Mucus reducer. Placing some essential oil in a diffuser or humidifier can help relieve mucus that is tight in the chest or sinuses.

Antibacterial, antiseptic, anti inflammatory. Sage can be made into a tea and used to help relieve head colds, sore throats, ulcers, inflamed gums, and indigestion. Just to name a few. The Phenolic Acid in sage has even been known to kill Escherichia Coli, Candida and Salmonella.

Helps reduce sympotoms of menopause. Made into a tea, sage has been known to reduce hot flashes and many other sympotoms of menopause.

Purifying the air. White sage is used to help purify the air and ones spirit. This sage is usually picked by stem and wrapped with twine. It is hung and left to dry. Once dry, you light the end with the leaves and blow out the fire. What is left is smoke. Then you go through your house and say a little prayer, mantra or just have good thoughts and allow the good energy to flow. This is called smudging. We try and do this once a year. We have also smudged our dog when he was not feeling so well. Maybe mind over power but hot damn our 12 year old dog was bouncing around like a puppy the next day.


Sage has so many fantastic medicinal properties to it and should really be apart of your medicine cabinet. Sage, like all herbs should be used with caution. Sage should NOT be used while PREGNANT or BREASTFEEDING . It has been used to help reduce mothers milk production.


Sage can be used as a tincture, salve, tea or just eaten directly. There are all sorts of sage varieties that give off different tastes. Let’s dive into a few types of sage.

Most popular in the culinary world is Pineapple Sage. It looks skinnier then the normal sage you see. But smells like pineapple.

Purple sage, which has a spicy aroma.

Green sage, large almost furry like grey green leaves. Used for teas.

Tricolor Sage which has a subtle flavor.

There are many different varieties of sage. These are just to name a few. Sage leaves can be used fresh or ground. Use light until you reach the flavor desired.

Suggested use

Mouth Spray: Great for sore throats or swollen gums. 

2-3 tbls dried herbs

1/4 cup vodka or brandy

1-2 drops peppermint essential oil

Spray bottle


Boil one cup of water and pour over dried sage. Allow to steep for 30 minutes. Strain and combine with vodka or brandy and peppermint oil. Pour in spray bottle and store for 1-3 months. To use, spray directly in mouth as often as needed.

It has been said that using sage over a long period of time can be somewhat toxic. When dealing with herbs there is always that controversy. I do not claim to be a doctor, or claim that anything listed above will prevent or cure any or all diseases. Nor do I claim it should replace modern medicine. Please use wisely and put forth much more research then just this blog.

Happy Saging!

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