Blooming Garden


It doesn’t ever seem like we have a winter where we live. We still have flowers blooming, peppers growing, life still in our garden. I took an extra second today to just walk around our yard and saw all this life. I get so busy doing stuff inside the house that I forget to stop and soak in outside. Well today I soaked it in and man, I love what surrounds me. We are hoping to share some exciting gardening posts soon. We are gearing up for baby chicks here over the next couple of weeks. That means reconfiguring our whole garden to make room. Which is super exciting and so overwhelming in the same breath. We have a fence to break down (oh and by we I mean my husband, don’t worry hunny I’m giving you total credit here) planters to move, seeds to buy, and chickens to love. We are planning on getting four hens, two Rhode Island Reds and two Barred Plymouth Rock. We have been waiting so long for this step in our journey, so stay tuned for all that fun stuff. Here I just wanted to share a few things happening in the garden right now. To share pure peace that surrounds us.

a252a118-1612-481b-a634-173760c9c4eeA peach tree with so many beautiful baby buds.

4f086553-24c2-4fcd-ad0e-c9d012f2c25eGoji berry bush thriving.

37923198-326c-467c-82d5-5ea3dbad5216Yellow yarrow blooming delicate flowers already.

ede82a1c-d2b1-4083-ab29-9384a2c4a3b9White yarrow seedling.

ae993635-860c-413f-9b94-d7cf6a09a528Peppermint peaking through.

b1286659-618e-423e-90be-efaac15d5e8cLavender that is just loving life.

e4ec48d8-0812-4928-b642-e2c15b6a2f9bPineapple sage that has the most vibrant red flowers.


213cc264-ca42-4152-8049-7ee362f554b7Beets that have the most perfect looking leaves.

3c6bece4-f609-441a-b0bc-cdcdc1641ee2Chard that looks like it will melt in your mouth.

2ead92ac-c5d2-4364-b8d4-7412280efbe1Delicate little kale leaves.

9f3def25-c0d9-4e81-9483-7c48d8fb78caBlueberry flowers.

b0f38ea4-3ec0-4fd8-9229-66ffca7ed87cPineapple strawberries that lay untouched.

20346558-fcbc-4ef3-9ab1-edc4b5cde392Beautiful succulent flowers.

There is peace that surrounds you. You just have to take the time to stop and soak it in. Everyday I look out of my windows and see the garden but today I stopped marveled. I marveled at the life and beauty that surrrounds my family. I felt the peace that it exudes. There is nothing better.

Happy Marveling!

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