Propagating Like A MoFo


Let’s propagate some stuff up, man. Taking cuttings from plants to make more plants is super duper easy. Did I just say super duper? Yes, yes I did. When you have plants thriving all around you, all you want is more and more to grace your presence. So what do you do? Cut a piece off a plant and make some more. You can literally do this with any plant. Do what exactly? Well, let me show you.

First thing first, find the plant that you would like to propagate. Well, first things first, what does propagate mean? Propagate means to breed specimens of a plant from a parent plant using a natural method. So back to our first things first, pick a parent plant that you would like more of. Here we took passion fruit, goji berry, two different lavenders, Sage and pineapple sage.


Once you have an idea of what you would like to propagate. Get your trays ready. We took any shallow container that we had on hand and burned little holes in it using a wood burning tool. This way we made drainage holes. Next, fill those little bad boys with sand. Yup you heard me, sand. Damp the sand a bit that way it retains the holes you dig in it. We took a plastic spackle tool and made straight lines through the sand.

You want to make sure the plant you are taking cuttings from has matured and is stable. What you want to do is fine the new growth within the plant. When taking from the passion fruit the new growth was shooting directly out. The leaves were shiny. The leaves were a little smaller then the rest. You can tell right away what new growth was. However, with sage seeing the new growth was a tad bit harder to depict. I had to kind of pull the more mature leaves and stems back and look deeper. The leaves were a deeper green then the rest. The lavendar had a softer stem as opposed to a more hard barky stem. Every plant is going to be different, so make sure you spend some time with the plant and really be mindful of your cuttings.



When making your cut, you want to cut right below a node. A  node is the area on a plant where the leaves grow. You want to cut a 45 degree angle right below that node.

FullSizeRender 2

Once you have gathered your cuttings, you are going to remove all leaves except for the very top two leaves. Or in the case of the passion fruit, the top little bunch. What this does is allows all the energy to now go to building the roots for this new little plant.


Dip this little beauty in some water and then dip it in some rooting hormone. And place in your holes. For cuttings like the passion fruit, we took wooden skewers and tied  the cutting to the skewer. That way they were a little more stable.

Place a plastic bag over your cutting and keep a little eye on them. The plastic bag acts like a little green house for the cuttings. Place in a spot that gets some sun but stays mostly shady. Now just let those little bad rides do their thing.

How easy was that. And in a few weeks you have that many more plants to grace your garden or share with a friend. Get crazy and go for it homie.


I would love to hear about which plants you plan on propagating. Leave a comment below.

Happy Propagating!

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  1. carolee says:

    I hope you show us your rooted cuttings soon.


    1. ohsureican says:

      Hi Carolee,

      I will post an update to this post when these little bad boys root! So far they are happy little cuttings.


  2. scheiss says:

    Good post. I learn something new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon everyday.

    It will always be interesting to read through content from other authors and practice a little
    something from their web sites.


    1. ohsureican says:

      Oh good. That makes me so happy that you connected with this post. I hope you find more that strikes your interest.


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