Kombucha Series 2: Growing A Kombucha SCOBY

Ingredients for a homemade Kombucha Scoby.

Let’s make a mutha Fing SCOBY shall we.

If you have not already read the first part of this three part series: WTF is Kombucha, I suggest you check it out. This post is going straight to the point and discussing how to grow yourself a SCOBY.

Let’s do this thang.

Things you’ll need:

A bottle of store bought raw organic unflavored Kombucha

A glass half gallon or gallon size jar

1/2 cup organic white cane sugar

4 organic black or green tea bags

7 cups filtered water




1. Boil your water. It’s important that it is filtered water. The SCOBY has trouble forming or surviving in tap water, due to high amounts of chlorine.

2. Add your sugar and allow to dissolve.


3. Place tea bag in water and turn off heat. Allow tea to cool to a temperature of 95 degrees or lower. Any hotter then that and it will kill the tiny strains of SCOBY that you’ll be adding from your bottle. Even when you have a full grown SCOBY, the temp still needs to be 95 degrees or lower.

Side note about this thermometer, it’s amazing. At first I was like, holy crap why did I spend $40 on this thing but it really does come in handy. 

Kombucha Scoby Recipe

4. Once tea is cooled remove the tea bags, don’t forget to compost yo. Pour your tea in your jar and then pour your store bought Kombucha bottle in.

Those little weird slimy things in your store bought bottle of Kombucha is actually little pieces of SCOBY. That is all it takes for a full mother to form. See that little tiny piece of SCOBY on the left, that’s all it takes.

How to make a Kombucha Scoby

5. Cover the top with a piece of cheese cloth folded a couple of times. That way it’s  thick but will still allow the tea to breath. Hold it down with a rubber band.

Place that sucker in a cool dark place and allow the magic to happen. This whole fermenting thing blows my mind. Over the next two weeks you will see this weird foam start to form. Then that foam will form a layer of film on top. That film will start to get thicker and thicker and then BAM, you got yourself a muther Fing SCOBY. I’m telling you, it will blow your mind.

SCOBY at 1 week
SCOBY at 2 week
SCOBY at 1 week
SCOBY at 2 week


Your SCOBY should be ready to go after two weeks. If it needs another week, give it another week. If you feels it’s thick enough then congratulations you now have a beautiful Kombucha SCOBY that will last forever as long as you feed it. The incredible thing about a SCOBY is that it will continue to grow with each batch you make. You will start to see this little layer laying on top of the mother. The mother is the main SCOBY. Feel free to start sharing your baby SCOBYs after about batch number four. After four batches you have got yourself a strong SCOBY. So share the love.

The tea that was used to create the SCOBY is good to drink as well. So don’t let that go to waste. It’s going to be pretty strong so make sure to taste it. Flavor it up if you want or if you’re a bad ass, drink it straight.

Rememebr, your SCOBY is a living thing. So if your not up for making another batch, that’s cool, just make sure you place your SCOBY in a “hotel.” Make some sweet tea and place your SCOBY in it and you can allow it to sit for up to two weeks. If you need it to go longer just add another cup of sweet tea on top. Your SCOBY needs the sugar to feed off of to stay alive.

I do believe that’s it my friends. Now I’m sure you’re thinking, wait how do I brew an actual batch of Kombucha? I gotcha homie, I gotcha but patience is key.

Happy Growing a SCOBY!

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