Building A Chicken Roost


Lets do a little DIY project shall we. Let’s take some old tree branches and make ourselves a roost. Heck yes! This is pretty simple and to the point. Chickens need to be lifted off the ground to help them feel safe. So giving them this option builds happy secure chickens from the beginning.  But they are still being kept in a box because it is to cold for them to go out so, we felt like they needed a little something. That little something was a bad ass little roost for them that they absolutely love. Let’s get down to the niddy griddy.

Tools you will need:


Marker or pencil


Drill bits


Hand saw


A hammer

A mallet


Whatever in the world you want it to be.

We did a 2′ long roost that was 4″ off the ground. The concept is the same no matter what dimensions you plan on using, so have fun with it and don’t take it to seriously. It’s a chicken roost for goodness sake.


First measure out how long you want the roost to be. Using a saw cut to that length. Next measure how high you want the roost off the ground. Again, using a saw cut two the same size. You are also going to want to measure out the leg supports. We did 4″ leg supports, as well as, 4″ high.



Using a marker, mark where you would like your legs to be on the underside of the roost. Take your hand saw and score the bottom of the roost. If you are unfamiliar with what scoring is. That means you are going to run the saw through just enough to break through the surface. You might have to go over it a couple of times. You do not want to go all the way through. You are going to do the same with the leg supports. Then you’re going to take your fancy chisel and chisel out those areas you marked off. On both the bottom of the roost and leg supports.

Then you are going to want to apply some wood glue and attach the legs to the roost where you chiseled out, and glue the supports to the legs, where you chiseled out.

Once everything is dry, or not whatever, take a drill bit and make a small hole where you are going to drive a nail in on top where the legs are. Don’t drill all the way down, just enough to hold your nail in place. Drilling a hole just makes it easier for the nail to go in. Make sure the nail is flush with the top of the roost.  Now, do the same on the underside of the leg supports.


BAM, I do believe you just made yourself a handsome looking roost. All while repurposing some branches you pruned off your trees. Double BAM.

Happy Roost Building!

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