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Walking The Garden…


Everyday I find something new in the garden. Something that has bloomed or sprouted. Something that says life is here. Our garden is slightly on hold due to our new little ladies, the chickens. We are waiting for a fence to be broken down just to be rebuilt back up in a different area. We are waiting for a new space to speak to us. A new canvas to be loved. But we still have all this life popping up. Every time I am out there I see more and more bees. Spreading pollen and love as they go from flower to flower. I see the few seedlings we have, starting to poke their life leaves through the straw they are under. I say it every time, it is the most peaceful place on earth.


This is a succulent, can you believe it. It is just the most vibrant shade of red you have ever seen. I see this every time I stand at my kitchen sink and it makes my heart smile.

IMG_3092Those little delicate purple buds are about to bloom delicate little flowers that are going to turn into the most deliciously sweet Meyer lemons.

IMG_3094Chard that seriously just melts in your mouth. We have been making salads with these chard leaves, beet leaves and kale and man oh man…..

IMG_3093Our little strawberry patch that is just loving life right now.

IMG_3089Can’t wait until this gets a little bigger to add to our salads.

IMG_3088Kale……I mean come on.

IMG_3102Yellow yarrow blooming like crazy.


Remember this little guy…..

IMG_3098It’s actually becoming a peppermint plant.


And do you remember this little branch…..


It’s actually got peaches growing on it.


It’s a full on tree, people.

IMG_3097And that big ol’ bush to the right of our little apple tree, is our goji berry bush that is seriously taking over the world. It is popping up everywhere.

That bout does it for my little walk through the garden. I continues to amaze me how this whole thing works. I feel so blessed every day that I get to experience the beauty that surrounds me.

As we began our journey we constantly talked about how we had to get out of here. We talked about Australia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and landed on Oregon. We felt like we couldn’t do what we truly wanted to do unless we were somewhere else, on a huge piece of land. But then I look around and see what we have created and we are in it. Right here right now and to see that, I feel is a blessing. Sometimes I find myself longing to get out of here still. Then as I am talking about a story or sharing what we do, I get a comment like you are able to do all that where you are, you must have land? That is when it hits me, we don’t have land but yes we are doing it. And it feels amazing. I remember reading my homesteading blogs in the beginning wishing we had more so that we can live that kind of life. I am sure those thoughts might have popped into your head as well. But you can be living in an apartment in the city and still create this kind of life. It is all about how you utilize what you have to make it happen.

I am very proud of how far we have come and where we plan on going. No matter how small or big your homestead is, remember to stop and take it all in.

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2 thoughts on “Walking The Garden…

  1. Nice story of your journey with garden… I too discover something new in my garden everyday.. be it buds/flowers or new/dried leaves or birds… visit my blog for same…

    1. it’s really an incredible thing isn’t. My husbands the true gardener, I mostly reap the beautiful benefits! Thanks for sharing I’ll be sure to visit your site.

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