Garden Pest Control With Neem Oil


You plant this awesome garden. This awesome garden starts to produce awesome things like, tomatoes, basil, strawberries, peaches. You see the beautiful flower blossom. Then you see the flower turn into the fruit you have always wanted. You get excited that you finally, after years of picking off the fruit so it can stabilize, finally get to taste the fruit of your labor. Then BAM, that beautiful round tomato got taken out by some damn pests. Or that beautiful basil of yours has little holes on every single leaf. I think that when you have a garden these inevitable challenges occur. Just like weeds, but we now know that we let the weeds live, right? If you are not nodding your head yes like you should be, please head on over to here. Back to the pests. If you are attempting to grow an organic garden, which I highly encourage you to, sometimes you are left scratching your head not knowing what to do. Let’s talk about a way that can possibly help. Two words, NEEM OIL.

Neem is an evergreen tree. Neem oil is a vegetable oil pressed from the fruit and seeds. Neem oil contains Azadirachtin, which is a very effective chemical that is non-toxic. The oil coats the leaves and also acts as a fungicide. It prevents fungus from starting and also smothers soft bodied insects. This dandy little oil takes care of up to 200 insects in the garden. Now I need to stress one point here about neem oil. It has to be 100% pure. Many store bought brands contain other unnecessary chemicals that are going to do more harm than good. I suggest buying this brand, it has worked beautifully for us and my husband, (who is the garden guru of our family) gives it two thumbs up.

So that little bastard that keeps eating your perfectly sized tomatoes, GONE. Those tiny little bugs that you can’t even see eating your gorgeous basil leaves, GONE. That army that took down your beautiful looking zucchini that you were so excited about, GONE.

Are you pumped up now? Are you thinking, lets do this! Okay, Okay I hear ya. Lets talk about how to make this magical potion.

Whatcha need yo:

1 tsp. of 100% cold press neem oil

32oz. spray bottle

32oz. of water

1/4 tsp. standard dawn dish soap with no additives

Whatcha do is:

Mix all ingredients listed above in your spray bottle. It is that simple. Well let me explain a little.

You want to put your oil in first. Then add your water then add your dish soap. If you add your oil and dish soap together, when you add your water you’ll end up with a bubbly mess. Then slowly turn your bottle side to side to gently mix the solution.

You want to spray your plants early in the morning. You want to spray the top side of the leaves and the underside of the leaves as well. You also want to spray the soil around your plant. This is usually where those little bugs like to lay their eggs. So make sure you wipe them out before they even have a chance. Now you don’t want to drench the leaves or the soil, just enough to coat everything.

Spray plants as needed or once every two weeks for prevention.

This mixture is only good for about 24 hours then as time goes on it becomes weaker and weaker so make sure you go on a mission after making this stuff.


Happy pest killing!

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