A Peaceful Garden

Is it time for an update on the garden? I think so.

It amazes me how fast everything blooms. How fast it takes off and thrives. I caught a nasty flu this past weekend and was in bed. But what brought me peace was being able to look outside our sliding door into a world of pure beauty.

As the wind blew, the delicate leaves of the peach tree swayed back and forth. As the leaves danced I caught a glimpse of perfectly round peaches and my heart filled with happiness. Mmm peaches…..


Each time I got out of bed I saw something new. Like how incredibly happy the comfrey was.


Or how bright and full the beet leaves were….


As I stare closely I see more apples blooming then I could imagine.


And what just made my heart smile more than anything, was when I saw beautiful flowers blooming on my little honey crisp apple tree. This little trees life has been threatened more times than I’d like to count due to the lack of growth. But I just felt it in my bones,

Husband: “This tree has to go, it’s not doing anything.”

Me: “Give it time, please. It will grow.”

Husband: “You and this tree.”

Me: “I want honey crisps.”

Then BAM two years later, look at these perfect little flowers.


Delicious kale…..


Carrots that we cannot wait to sink our teeth into.


A grapevine that is seriously loving life.


And how perfect is this hibiscus flower…….


I am just so thankful everyday that I get to be apart of all this.

What are you growing? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what fills your heart with happiness.

Happy gardening!

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