Medicinal Herb Series: 6 Benefits of Rosemary


Medicinal herb series: Rosemary

Man, it’s been a while since we’ve done a medicinal herb series but hey, we are here now, so let’s get down and dirty.

Let’s talk about the ever so popular herb ROSEMARY. Everyone has heard of it. Everyone loves it. It grows by the bush along most side walks. It’s everywhere and it is one of the most important herbs out there. We use fresh rosemary in a lot of our dishes. It adds such a beautiful taste without compromising the whole dish. It was not until my husband got sick with a nasty flu that we found just how important this herb is. Let’s discuss why you want this herb in your life.

A little bit about Rosemary

Rosemary also known as Rosemarinus Officinalis is a woody herb that has small needle like leaves. It grows small purple, pink or white flowers. It is part of the mint family and is native to the Mediterranean region. While any form of rosemary is useful, fresh is by far the best way to utilize it’s fragrance and medicinal properties.

Growing rosemary

Rosemary is best grown in zones 8 or higher and will reach 3-5 feet in height. It will grow in zones 7 and lower but the plant will be just smaller in size. If you’re not sure what your growing zone is click here. Start seedlings in the spring and plant 2-3 inches apart. In hotter zones, you can chance planting it in the fall. Plant in full sun.


However, ours is not in the sunniest part of our yard and it is just loving life, so pay attention to what makes your plant happy and move it around if necessary. As with any plant, mulch, mulch, mulch. By mulching with something like straw or wood chips, you are allowing the moisture to stay in the soil during summer when it is the hottest. In the winter when it is the coldest, mulch insulates the plants roots and keeps them warm. Can I say it again…..mulch, mulch, mulch.

Medicinal properties

Rosemary is high in antioxidants. Let’s have a little side track moment….

Antioxidants are what rids our bodies of free radicals. Free radicals are Molecules that have an odd number of electrons. So when they enter the body they begin stealing electrons from healthy molecules. Which in turn, leaves that molecule with an odd number of electrons. And so the chain reaction begins and soon enough all sorts of bad stuff is accumulating in the body.

Antioxidants are so important because they go into the body and essential give electrons to the free radicals. This stabilizes the free radical so that it does not attack good molecules in the body. The more antioxidants you put in your body the better. Free radicals are inevitable. They are in the air, the grass, your car. Give your body the right army. Increase antioxidants.

Ok back on track….

This herb helps strengthen memory. By utilizing rosemary aromatically, one can stimulate cognitive function. Resulting in enhanced memory and focus. There are some indications that rosemary is an alternative supplement to Alzheimer’s disease.

It is known to reduce upset stomachs. Rosemary is also an anti inflammatory which is a huge part of relieving gastrointestinal issues. It can help with bloating, gas, indigestion, cramping and so on.

It can help reduce pain. It has been widely known to help reduce migraines, headaches and menstrual cramping. You can also apply it topically to minor scrapes to relieve pain.

You can use it to help detoxify the body. Rosemary has diuretic properties which help Flush out nasty toxins from the body mostly through urination. So increase that water intake as well.

Mood stabilizer. When inhaled, consumed or applied topically, rosemary has been known to increase mood, lessen stress and reduce symptoms of depression.

Helps reduce symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Rosemary has so many properties that can have a direct effect on lessening symptoms of ADD/ADHD. It can help reduce stress, increase focus and memory. It’s high antioxidant properties can help remove free radicals within the body that cause harm. It’s diuretic properties help flush out toxins. It’s anti inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation which can cause most symptoms to rise.

How to use rosemary

You can diffuse rosemary using essential oils.

Use rosemary oil in salves. By steeping rosemary dried or fresh in a carrier oil for 6 weeks. Then making a salve.

You can use it as a tincture. My favorite way to utilize any herbs medicinal properties. Also available for purchase in our shop.

Rosemary should be part of your medicinal herb cabinet hands down.

Happy Rosemaring!

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