Broozer, The Best Pup in The World


They are so simple. They need food, water and love. They never turn their back on you no matter how mad you get at them. They love with ever ounce in them. They become this huge part of your life without you even realizing it. And then one day you must say goodbye. Today we had to say goodbye to our Brooz.


He was a pup who lived like a king. He had a small couch for a bed for most of his life. He put a smile on everyone’s face that he came in contact with. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we took him in public we heard, “hey it’s Petey from little Rascals.” Even though he really didn’t look like Petey. When we took him to a park, he would run as fast as he could straight toward us, then veer off right at the last minute. He snored. He had allergies that caused him to constantly scratch his belly. And not just scratch but pound the floor with his foot while doing it. That sound became a normal part of life. He hated all other dogs. But just loved his best friend, Mia cat. He wouldn’t come when you called him but would let ladies go first through the door. He sat and waited patiently for you to say “ok” so he could eat. We accidentally closed the door on him leaving him in the front yard, he went straight to the neighbors and “asked for help.” He looked like he could eat you but  was just the sweetest being in the world. He ate his poop, constantly. He would stand right in your path, as if there was no way he was in your way. He would dance with us around the table. He would cuddle when he knew you needed a good cuddle. He had the softest ears you’ve ever felt. He had many nicknames: the brooz, the sinner, broozinski, the bubba, the broo, Frankie (don’t ask why!)  He would rub up against you and sit right on your feet or legs. For 11 years he bounced like a puppy. He would’ve taken a bullet for us and you could see that in his eyes. This was the best dog in the world.

He was apart of our lives for 12 years and will stay in our hearts forever. He is finally able to be content and at peace. We love you Brooz.




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  1. Lint Licker says:

    I’m sorry for your loss.


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