Fish Fertilizer For The Garden


Lets talk fish fertilizer for a bit. Fish fertilizer is an organic option to have when wanting to replenish your soil with much needed nutrients. Unlike chemical fertilizers, all natural fish fertilizers continually provide nutrients into the soil through different stages. Chemical fertilizers are quick release fertilizers which means, it will act quickly but will not be able to sustain past a certain point after use. Fish fertilizer is a slow release fertilizer. That means there are different stages to the release of nutrients or beneficial properties. Fish fertilizer need to be digested by bacteria, fungi and earthworms before they can provide the soil and the plant with much needed nutrients. This system not only gives the soil nutrients but as the bacteria, fungi and earthworms move through the soil to eat the fish fertilizer, they are also aerating the soil. This gives the plant room to grow and thrive. Fish fertilizer has a balance of burn free nitrogen as well as potassium and phosphorus and a slow release of calcium. This balance of nutrients is a sure way to provide your plant and soil with all necessities to grow and thrive time after time.

Let’s dive into how to make this stuff up and how to use it.

How you make it?

What you are going to do is take an empty 1 gallon container, fill it with water and add 2 tablespoons of the fish fertilizer to it.

How you use it?

Use every 3 weeks during growing season by watering your plants with this mixture.

And that is it my friends. Now go out and fertilize your plants the natural healthy way. Utilizing Kelp fertilizer the same way as you would fish fertilizer can add more beneficial properties to your soil and plants. Mix the kelp concentrate with water and water your plants. It’s that easy.

Happy Fertilizing!

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