We Live Two Different Lives



My husband and I live two different lives. I know, it sounds really odd doesn’t it, but it is true. Let me explain. About 6 or 7 years ago we found the word “homesteading.” By found I mean, we shifted our mind set from, “the world is ending let’s get a gun” to “maybe we should understand what it means to be self sufficient.” The feeling of being self sufficient was much more comforting and from there we found the word homesteading.

So how is it that we live two different lives? Well we homestead. We have chickens, grow as much food as possible, and live as simply as possible. And, we also work 40 hours a week for corporations. These are two lives on complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

We wake up every morning, 3:30a and 4:30a everyday. We wear black. We put on heavy boots. We live by a dress code. We drop off our kids to be watched for 9 hours. We clock in. We are intense and hold accountability. We are stressed because others do not do the job that is expected. We have conversations about what is expected. We have conversations about how the impossible needs to be made possible. We are told to maximize growth but cut labor. We are told to have enough product but low waste. We are asked to finish someone’s else job because we are the ones that get it done. We teach others. We coach. We develop. We learn. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all negative. But sometimes seems so draining.

Then we come home.

We come home to a house full of warmth. Where all of a sudden the stress of the day is invisible. Where everything you wanted to vent about does not even deserve the energy because you’re filled with contentment. Where the sound of the wind chime fills the air with a beautiful energy. Where the most delicious, juiciest donut peaches are growing. Where something is blooming somewhere all the time. Where a blanket of peace just wraps itself around you. Where life is explained when you pull a full grown carrot you grew from seed out of the ground. Where the meaning of life just consumes you everywhere you look. Our home is a home. Where a chaotic peace exists. We are yelling, laughing and running. Where music fills every room. Where we dance in the kitchen, living room, anywhere and everywhere. Where we are barefoot. Where we don’t shower until 5pm sometimes. Where we harvest crops of delicious pole beans. Where we can pinto beans. Where we make kefir. Where we learn how to dry herbs.

Where we homestead.

We bring these lives together harmoniously because, this is our life.

We would love to wake with the yell of the rooster. We would love to homeschool our children. We would love to find multiple sources of income to replace the ones we have. We would love to have a dairy cow, pigs and more chickens than we could handle.

For a long time we were constantly admiring families that seemed to have the homesteading life down. You know the ones. The YouTube channels where it doesn’t seem like anyone works but they have forklifts and 90 acres. Or those blogs that make working the land and running a household look flawless through perfectly lit pictures. We were in constant state of, “we need to get out of here and find a way.” Then one day, we looked around and we WERE doing it. We don’t have a forklift or a flawless household but we ARE doing it. And it feels fantastic.

You do not need acres to homestead. You do not need to homeschool to homestead. You do not need to not work to homestead.

Just live. Don’t admire. Realize there is peace around you this very second that you read this post. You just have to allow peace to find its way in. You have to hear the beauty in the sound of a wind chime. You have to feel that energy the wind carries through your trees. Homesteading is what you make it. Take a deep breath and just live.

Happy Living!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Staci says:

    LOVE it!!! This is probably my favorite post this far!


  2. Cyn DeVille says:

    This is one of my favorite posts. I have lived multiple lives. Work, home and … We play life’s roles, each worlds away from each other. Each a part of who we are yet not all of the “roles” make our hearts sing; they’re just what needs to be played in order to make everything possible. I am so happy that you and your husband found and enjoy “homesteading”. You live your two lives rhythmically and it’s so refreshing and motivating. When I feel overwhelmed, you remind me – Oh, sure I can!


    1. ohsureican says:

      It makes my heart smile that we can be part of that motivation for you.


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