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No Refrigeration Required?!



Let’s talk eggs people! Now I’ve gotten some eyebrows raised when I tell people we keep our eggs out on the counter. Wait, you think we are crazy too? Well listen up y’all, FRESH-OUT-OF-THE-CHICKENS-BUTT EGGS do not have to be refrigerated.

You see when the chicken lays an egg, the egg has a protective antibacterial coating over it, called the “egg bloom”. The bloom closes all the pores on the egg preventing bacteria and oxygen from entering the egg, allowing it to stay fresh longer without refrigeration.

Once the egg is cleaned, the bloom is removed and it must go into refrigeration. We leave our eggs out on the counter for about a week. Yes poop, straw and all because well, what are you gonna do. Now, I know what you are thinking, “HOW GROSS.” But here is the thing, seeing this gorgeous pile of eggs, poop and all, connects us. It connects us to what is real. Real being that, those chickens that we love and take care of worked hard to give us that egg and you see that all over the egg. You appreciate it more. You respect it more. It……connects you.

Now, once a week we wash our eggs and pretty much use most of them right away. What we don’t use, we put in an egg container and put in the refrigerator.

Now at this point you’re probably thinking, “well, now how the hell do I know if my eggs are good or not?”

Ok, I hear ya, I get it. I’ve got a trick though, get a bowl, fill with water and see if that bad boy floats. If it FLOATS, it’s BAD. Ditch it. If it SINKS, it’s GOOD. Whip that sucker up into a plate of deliciousness.

Living naturally means living naturally. What do you think your great great maybe even GREAT grandmother did? Do you think she had this bad ass stainless steel refrigerator that made fancy ice and allowed you to download pandora? F no, she had a basket on her counter that sat there until she used all those gorgeous eggs up. We tend to forget where we came from and what we are actually capable of. As my family and I continue to live this homesteading life we learn more and more that living simply, means to live simply. Let go of that ridged “it needs to happen this way and only this way” mentality. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that mentality very well but I’m working on it………I swear.

Leave your home-raised eggs out on the counter, BE A REBEL. LIVE SIMPLY.

Happy eggs!

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