How To Build An Herb Spiral


We have been dying to build an herb spiral for about 4 years now. About 3 years ago we got all the bricks we needed for this project but then life happened and our bricks just sat and stared at us. But after being patient, two kids and a puppy later we did it Y’all. We built our muther f-ing herb spiral and it is beautiful.


Are you wondering what an herb spiral is?

An herb spiral is an incredible way to utilize one space for multiple plants. Not only are you utilizing a circumference space but you are utilizing vertical space as well. An herb spiral is a spiral shaped planter built out of bricks, stone, rocks, whatever tickles your fancy. You build the spiral up, fill it with sticks, compost and straw and then plant your ass off. With an herb spiral you can plant, plants that don’t need a lot of water but a lot of sun at the top of your spiral and plants that love to stay moist and need shade, all in the same area! Let’s dive a little deeper so you know what I am talking about.

First things first, find yourself a crap ton of bricks, stone, or rocks.

Find a spot in your yard that will allow you to build a 3-5 ft. circumference.

Level out the spot as best as you can. Take a 2×4 place over the circumference and use a level to even out the spot.

Lay down cardboard and newspaper. This is going to prevent weeds from growing.


Now, find your spiral by placing your bricks (or your choice) accordingly. You want to make sure that the opening of the spiral faces north.

In order to build up, you want to count 3 1/2 bricks from the bottom, that’s where you’ll start your next brick layer. Once you’re done with the second layer, again you will count 3 1/2 bricks (from your second layer) and start your next layer. So on until you reach desired height.

As you build your layers some bricks may feel unstable and move, place some straw under the bricks until they become secure.

Once you finish the spiral, fill in the middle with sticks or large rocks. Then fill it in with straw. Wet it all down once filled.


To plant, just open up a spot by moving the straw, fill it with soil, place the plant inside and cover with straw. Plants that need sun will go towards the top. Plants that like shade will go on the back side of the spiral closer to the north side.


Boom son, you just built yourself an herbs spiral. Fill that sucker with whatever herbs you choose. Originally we planned on kitchen herbs but our time at this incredible nursery, called Diane’s nursery in Fallbrook Ca, lead us down a medicinal herb path. So we filled our spiral with: Insulin, feverfew, dandelion, lemon balm, dill, chamomile, ashwaganda, rue and lemongrass.

The looks of an herb spiral could feel a little more intimidating than it really it. Just dive in and have fun with it. Once we stopped thinking so hard about how the hell to build the spiral, everything just started flowing.

Happy herb spiraling!


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      1. Will do. Husband built a a support for water barrels and I thought that’s a funny shape. Later realised he was planning an insect hotel and apparently that came to him half way through building it. It’s an oncoming project and yes sometimes we get bogged down in detail and forget things.

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