Why Smudging with White Sage is Incredible for Your Spirit


The earth has given us incredible resources to maintain a healthy beautiful life. Among these resources there is one particular that just has me drawn to like a fly to honey.

White sage.

This beautiful herb needs to be apart of everyones life. We all have a place inside us that needs to be re-open. A place where pure delicate energy needs to flow through. We all have a place inside of us that needs to be cleansed.

We get wrapped up in the unimportant.

We hold on to more negative energy than good. And unfortunately that negative energy is fed by others way to often. This is a place where we get stuck and can’t seem to find a way out. This is that very place that needs the spiritual smoke of sage to flow through and purify the soul. Our soul takes a toll everyday. Our soul works so hard to stay happy and healthy. It works so hard to keep you going. To keep you open. To keep you awake to the world around you. Your soul is the very thing that makes you who you are. But it gets tired and we need to understand when to stop and nurture that very soul that gives so much to us all day long.

Sage replenishes.

Sage repairs.

Sage purifies the soul, the spirit, the mind, the body.

It has been said that one should never blow out a burning bundle of sage. That the sage will stop smoking and blow out on its own when it feels the energy around it has been cleansed and is pure. A bundle that is burning may last for an hour or five minutes depending on the energy that surround it. The smoke that comes off the bundle will travel to the room or area where it is needed most. Where the energy needs most cleansing.

To smudge

To burn a bundle of sage one must find a bowl or shell that will hold the smoldering bundle safely. Light the end of the bundle and blow it out. Allow the smoke to thrive. Start with an intention. With a prayer. Begin at your heart and allow the smoke to enter into your body, into your soul. Say a prayer. Then move to your head. Say a prayer. Then move down slowly towards your toes and back up to your heart again.

Say a prayer.

This is not a religious act. Or it can be a religious act. Your prayer is your prayer. However, you want to say it, to whom ever you want to say it. The prayer is there to help guide the negative energy out and allow the positive energy to live and thrive within you.

To smudge your space around you. You must hold the bundle over the bowl or shell and move through your space while saying a prayer. Allow the smoke to move through the space, don’t force it. Remember the smoke will travel to where it needs to. As the smoke travels it will leave behind a smell of purity.

Embrace the smell. Allow it to be present. When you inhale. Inhale.

Visualize what it is doing for your being. Visualize it removing the toxins that you carry everyday. Visualize it clearing out unnecessary noise within you.

Visualize it bringing your spirit back to the present moment.

White sage is a powerful herb with more than medicinal properties. It is an herb of healing the mind, body, soul and spirit.

Happy Smudging!



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