Finger Lickin’ Hot Wings, Yo!


Now, I do not have a ton of recipes up my sleeve like some woman. In fact my husband does most of the cooking in our house. And I must say he’s incredible at it. BUT the one recipe I do have down and in my opinion is an important one because it’s my husbands favorite, is…

Hot wings!

There are a ton of recipes out there that have the “perfect” hot wing and I went through that ton to find that “perfect” wing with the right amount of crispy and flavor. And I have been told that I have found it, so I am here to share this finger lickin’ hot wing recipe with y’all.

Y’all ready…



Few Tips:

*When I said dry well after thawing, I meant it yo! DRY THOSE WINGS LIKE YOU’VE NEVER DRIED ANYTHING ELSE IN YOUR LIFE!

*When about to broil, use a new piece of foil. This allows the wings to crisp up rather than sit in a bunch of liquid.

*Here is a link to the Bragg’s seasoning. I mean this stuff changed our lives! It is AMAZING! And you can literally put it on anything.

*Serve with celery and carrots with blue cheese dressing.

BAM you got yourself some finger lickin’ wings yo!

Happy hot winging!

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