No Sugar Added Peanut Butter Cups


No sugar added peanut butter cups Y’all.

Normally when giving a recipe, I never give a story. I just want to give you quick and to the point, I mean, you are here for a recipe and damn it I want to give it to you.

BUT….. I feel like maybe if this back story can shed some light on someone, it’s worth sharing, so hang in there.

I promise you’ll get something delicious at the end.

My story…

For a hot minute I did the Keto diet. My whole goal was to cut out sugar. See, I am on this ever lasting quest to find a natural solution or at least a relief from ADD. My brain works in an unusual way sometimes. In ways I can’t explain and lately I’ve just been over it. Over this past year I have been more open about my ADD and as I discuss it with others, mostly other woman, I find that we all think and do almost the same things.

So is it ADD? Or is it the way woman think? Or is it the way we all think?

These questions go through my head all the time. I sometimes get so frustrated because I wish I could just be a little sharper, not forget things, be able to respond fast enough, be able to make a decision, not procrastinate, not forget about an appointment or what happened in a conversation two minutes ago. But then, the person right next to me who I tell all this to, feels the same way.

So now my question is, why are most of us feeling this way?

Possible answer, our food.

Our food is so packed with processed ingredients, sugar, GMO’s, antibiotics, pesticides, and chemicals……the list can go on.

How can we think clearly?

Rule of health is you eat 80% whole foods, 20% processed foods. Which seems like a high percentage of processed foods to me but in reality it is small. With sugar being the last thing you should stick in your body, especially processed sugar.

I had a little aha moment in my quest to finding a natural solution to ADD.

One day I was just reflecting on conversations I had that day with woman I work along side with. All beautifully made, strong, smart, incredible souled woman. Some who are mamas some who are not. And in every comment made about behaviors, thoughts, feelings… almost all of us were like, oh yea been there felt that. Then for some reason, I realized all of us who were in the conversation, are a bunch of sweet eating junkies.

So, of course I went home and I researched ADD and craving sugar.

Sure, muther f-ing, enough they go hand in hand. The way an ADD brain works is, if it is not stimulated then we lose interest. There almost has to be a reward of something at the end for it to hold our attention.

Well what sugar does, is it stimulates the dopamine in our brain, which acts as a neurotransmitter sending signals to nerve cells that control reward and pleasures. This is what stimulates the brain. Which people with ADD need to feel in order to be content. So when one is not stimulated, often times something sweet is usually a mission of theirs to find. The body is needing and looking for that “high.”

Well, I am attempting to not feed that need and I am trying to clear the fog that consumes me. So, I attempted a Keto diet, no sugar, no carbs, high fat foods. I found it was not for me. But what I did find was that I wanted to continue to cut out sugar and keep my carbs as low as possible.

ADD is not fun.

Feeling like you are constantly trying to hold your head above water, gets tiring. Creating chaos without realizing it, gets annoying. Doing stuff half ass because halfway through your head goes, “meh, I am over this!” SUCKS!!!

The more I research, the more I am aware. The more I can fight that part of my brain and be like, “Listen bitch, we are seeing this through. whether you like it or not!”

I will not stop until I find relief. I am a firm believer that our bodies are made to run like machines. And when given the proper fuel, food, it will run like a machine effortlessly. In my gut I feel like most ailments can be reversed through food. Through healing the gut. I will not let this “chemical Imbalance” define who I am. We are not meant to have imbalances. The symptoms we feel are signals that we must listen to and from there we must do the leg work and find the solution.

A natural solution.

BUT……..I am still fighting my sweet cravings.

It’s like crack, man! It really is. Annnndddd……

Since you actually made it to the end, here is your delicious sugar free sweet fix substitute.


No Sugar Added Peanut Butter Cups Recipe

Recipe from keto cookbook Fat Fast


85%-100% pure dark chocolate powder

8 Tbs of butter (real butter, grass fed organic butter)

3 Tbs coconut oil

4 Tbs natural peanut butter

1 Tbs heavy whipping cream

Sugar substitute equal to 6 teaspoons (I used 4 Stevia, a little less than the recipe called for but tasted great to me)

1/2 macadamia nuts


  1. Melt together butter and chocolate.
  2. Add all other ingredients except for macadamia nuts. Mix together until smooth.
  3. Add in your macadamia nuts and pour into mini baking cups.
  4. Freeze until solid.

That’s it yo!

Fresh out of the freezer, don’t mind the cold spots.

Enjoy frozen or allow to soften.

Now, these bad boys are not going to be your typical peanut butter cups but when you’ve got a sweet tooth and you’re trying to kick sugar. These lil’ F-ers do the trick.

Happy Questing and Chocolate Making!

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