Let The Vision Go Homie


The vision.

Somehow along our journey in life, we create these visions in our head. You know those visions that tell you everything in your life has to look, feel and be a very specific way. These visions some how determine the actions we take, the energy we carry and the outlook on life we have. Sometimes we go to the extreme of losing everything around us because we have to carry out this vision. We become blind to what surrounds us because if it does not fit into the vision then it doesn’t exist. But what we don’t realize because we get so caught up is that the vision……..

Does not exist.

It is not reality. And the more you exert energy trying to figure out how to keep the plan in place and carry out the vision, the more you lose the connection with the present moment. Life is meant to be lived. It is meant for you to be connected with the present moment in time. Not dwelling on what happened in a conversation yesterday. Or what you plan on doing tomorrow. Life is this very moment in time. As you sit here and read this post. Nothing else in the world matters because it is either dead and gone, or it hasn’t happened yet.

We tend to live for the future instead of this very moment. How many things do you think you actually miss out on, living in that kind of world? The moment you stop and feel the energy that surrounds you. The moment you open your eyes and allow yourself to be in the present moment. That is when you begin to live your reality. You begin to see the beauty in the smallest things. You begin connecting your breath with life.


Stop creating these visions. Stop analyzing every moment. Stop creating conversations in your head. Stop trying to create these perfect moments. Stop creating your own anxiety because your plan is not playing out the way you, well, planned.

Plans change.

It is ok if the playroom doesn’t come out looking like a Pinterest worthy image. It is ok that the nursery has old mix matched furniture and doesn’t look like a Joanna Gains design. It is ok if you forgot to make chocolate milk when you watched your christmas eve movie. It is ok if you celebrated your 30 birthday at home with some ice cream and your family. It is ok if your homestead isn’t acres of open land with perfectly placed barns.

The important thing is that you play with your children and actually hear their beautiful little laughs. The important thing is that your baby is healthy. The important thing is that you soak in the excitement and love from your family the night before christmas. The important thing is you made it to 30 happy, healthy and celebrated with those who love you. The important thing is that you connect yourself with your home.

Live in the present moment. Allow yourself to feel the light, love and energy that surrounds you this very moment. Stop the noise in your head. Stop the vision that paralysis you. Stop complaining about life. Your house is always going to be messy when you have kids. A bill is always going to come your way. You may always have to wake up early to go to work. Not everything in life has to be a complaint. You are never put out. You have the power to say no. You have the power to stop feeling like the victim in your own vision. You have the power to stop the chaos and anxiety that comes with your vision not going according to plan.

We are given this one life. This one chance to do incredible things. This one opportunity to seize every moment and connect with what is around us. This one chance to change someones life in a positive way. Let the vision in your head go and just live peacefully. Live in the moment. Live with intention. 

Happy ditching the vision.

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