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Good Egg? Bad Egg?


Alright y’all, let’s talk eggs for a second. When you have a fortunate supply of eggs sitting on your counter from your own chickens, they can get a little questionable at times. I mean, everyday you gather and everyday they pile. When it comes time to washing them and storing them in the fridge, you want to make sure those bad boys are safe to eat.

Right? Right!

So, let’s talk about one sure way to put your eggs to the “are you safe to eat” test.

To float or not to float, that is the question.

Here is what you do:

Fill a nice size bowl with cold water.

After washing your eggs, place egg in the bowl of water.


If it floats…..IT IS BAD.


If it sinks…..IT IS GOOD.


If one end rises while the other end is touching the bottom of the bowl……HOMIE IS ON IT’S WAY OUT. Y’ALL BETTER EAT IT QUICK.


Why does a bad egg float?

Eggs are porous. They are covered naturally by the chicken with a protectant layer called the bloom. Over time, as the egg sits, the bloom will begin to disintegrate and air will start to travel through the shell and will get trapped inside. This will cause the egg to float.


That is it y’all. I wish I had something a little more philosophical for you. I know we are all looking for the answer to life, but tonight all I got for you is whether that egg you got sittin’ on your counter is good or bad.

Happy egging!




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