We Are Being Forced To….

….Get rid of our chickens.

This past week has been a series of unfortunate misunderstandings that has resulted in us having to get rid of our chickens. It all started with our neighbors dogs and ended in someone reporting our chickens to our HOA.

Even though we cleared up the unfortunate misunderstandings there is no turning back for our chickens. No matter how much we step it up and go out of our comfort zone to connect with people and let them know who we really are, the end result will stay the same.

Our chickens have to go.


We knew this day could come. But after two years and no one ever being bothered, we thought we would be fortunate enough to experience the full cycle of what it means to feed our family with food that we respected, loved and cared for everyday. In our heads we knew these animals were going to end up on our dinner table. But…

On our own terms.

Not being forced to do it with in a time frame. There is prepping to be done, mentally and emotionally. But now there is this pressure to hurry up. We brought these chickens into our home with the intention of them providing us with food. They would provide us with fresh eggs and when production of eggs slowed, they would then provide us with food to feed our family. We knew this day would come. We knew the intention. But….

On our own terms.


There is a strange feeling that fills our home at the moment. A strange feeling of uncomfortableness that we are not ok with. Our home is the one place we have that allows us to be us. That allows peace to fill the air and love to fill our souls. Our home is a place where we can live a very simple life. A life that is loud and quiet all in the same moment. Our home is where we decide what is ok and what is not. Where we are not forced to do anything.

But they took that from us.

There are not suppose to be deadlines in our home. There is not suppose to be someone looking over our shoulder wondering what we are doing. There is not suppose to be this strange feeling of unsettledness. And yet there is. But because someone did not want to stop and think rationally or respectfully. And through their actions of rage, we got stuck in the middle.


We knew that chickens were not allowed in our HOA. We get it. But you have to understand, we are meant to provide for our family. And the way we want to provide for our family is filling their bellies with the purest most loved food in the world. And these four little ladies have been apart of our family. We have cared for them. Lived with them. Watched them grow. We allowed them to be chickens. We allowed them to experience the sunshine on their backs. We allowed them to dig and scratch for bugs. We gave them a life that was filled with love. We gave them a life that was filled with respect.

I am going to miss the way they waddled over to the front of their coop when they saw me coming. They started my day and they ended my husbands. And reaching into their nesting boxes and pulling out, sometimes warm freshly laid eggs is an experience that never grew old. They taught us more than we imagined. Our journey will end with them soon. And we will be one step closer to our homesteading life style as we respectfully and mindfully process these ladies. They will fulfill their purpose of feeding our beautiful family with food that was pure, happy and loved.

As we are forced to bring this inevitable day sooner than expected. We thank these four ladies for providing us with fresh beautiful eggs everyday. We thank them for teaching us what it means to care and love the food we eat. And we thank them for a life filled with chicken happiness. And if you don’t know a life that has been filled with chicken happiness, I suggest you go get yourself some beautiful chickens.

Thank you ladies.

7 thoughts on “We Are Being Forced To….

  1. Could you move to an area without a HOA? I’m not saying just to save your chickens. Maybe this is supposed to be where your story with them ends. But for the grand scheme of things where you are living a life on your own terms. Perhaps this is your lesson to be learned from this…

    1. You are right. We have discussed moving somewhere where land is affordable. Maybe this is something that will push us to make that leap.

      1. I would move. Being forced to do things by neighbours is the very issue we hated and have decided ourselves to buy land in the middle of nowhere to move our feathered friends. My chickens do a grand job and are owed a happy life . It’s good to follow yo ur convictions and moving may well be the start of an even more rewarding life. A house is just a house in a road. Animal and human welfare IS what’s LIFE is.
        I feel for you. Time to move.

  2. You need to start looking! You are not going to be happy until you get out onto open land. Sorry it had to end this way as I know know what this whole journey means to you and your family! ♥️

    1. We will. It sounds easier said then done but it will happen when it’s suppose to. This definitely is giving us a bigger push though.

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