I have a problem…..

…I want to do everything the moment it comes to my mind.

And it drives me crazy. Do y’all have this same problem? I mean, the moment I have a thought, an idea, whatever it may be, if it pops into my little baby head I want it done that very moment and won’t rest until it happens.

Y’all, I am tired. I am tired of feeling behind when in reality I am not. I am tired of being consumed with these thoughts instead of being in the moment. I am tired of feeling heavy because I can’t figure out a way to make it happen.

And let me tell you, this brain does not stop. I wish it did, believe me. My husband also wishes it did too. There are times when I realize I am weighing myself down and I’ll regroup myself but then there are times when I get caught up and can’t break out. It becomes overwhelming.

I have all these ideas and goals. And I feel like they just are never going to happen if I don’t make them happen NOW. Why do I allow this to consume me? I don’t have to let it consume me and yet I feel so heavy.

It’s funny the things we do to ourselves. We create all the agony, happiness, feelings…we experience. We create it. The outlook we have in life is made directly by us. It can be so simple but we make it so complicated. There is so much around us that is so positive, so beautiful, so pure and yet we are constantly blinded by this fog we create.

Lately, I have had multiple people reach out and ask for some suggestions on anxiety. And I break down all that I do. All the oils I slather on me or take internally, all the tinctures I use, which help drastically. But what if we just changed our mindset? What if we worked on stopping the chatter that consumes us. The chatter that says, “hey yo, see all these people doing everything you’re doing but better. Why aren’t you doing it better?” Or “Hey yo, let’s repeat that conversation you had with that one person and see how many different ways we can beat it into the ground!”

You know, that kind of chatter.

What if we could just stop that. How different things could be. How simple life can be. How fun this whole experience can be. I know… I know what you’re thinking. “Easier said than done, yo!” I am with you homie. But I’d like to think that this conversation we are having right now, can be the topic within that chatter. You know, to remind us to stop the negativity.

Is that possible?

I am going to say, yes. Because even though it’s all chatter. This one reminds us to stop being impossible and start being mindful. Stop expecting the world and start appreciating how far you’ve come. Stop weighing ourselves down by unrealistic expectations and start being proud of every little step we take towards our goal.

I may have a problem but I know I have a problem. It is present in my mind. And I don’t like it, so, I plan on changing it.

I know, easier said than done, right!? Well, I will let you know how it works out.

Happy being mindful!


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