6 Things That Make My Life Easier

…And keep me from driving my husband insane (any more than I already do!)

I don’t know about you, but dang this whole life thing can get really overwhelming. Working full time, trying to raise decent human beings, attempting to be a wife (or husband), keeping a clean house (haha or a picked up house, let’s be real) and trying to fit in an ounce of fun, just doesn’t seem to flow as much as it should.

I mean, we get this one life, right?!?

This one life to live with intention, love, contentment and peace.

But it just seems like sometimes we are living each day only to get ready for the next. We get home, do chores and then immediately get ready to start tomorrow all over again. And most times one can feel like they are failing at all of it.

Well at least I do.

Sometimes when I slack in one area, I can feel the whole world crash down because there is never anytime to regroup. Especially with this ADD/ADHD brain of mine. If I lose track for a moment, I am screwed!

Well, let’s not go that far, but my anxiety does peak and I feel like I can’t find my footing. And as you have read in previous posts, I am always trying to learn how this ol’ noodle of mine works. There are times when I feel like I have figured it all out. Then there are times when I am like, “wait what the fuck man.”

So, as I continue my journey and learn how to make things easier in my life and with incredible help from my husband, bless his tired soul, I have realized there are a few things I have found that has helped make my life so much easier. And keeps my husband from poking me in the eye with frustration, like I know he secretly wants to do at times. Haha, who am I kidding, MOST of the time.

Here are 6 things that I do to make life just a tad bit easier

1.Put away clean dishes immediately:

Let’s talk mother F-ing dishes for a second. Dishes are like the biggest pain in anyones behind. I mean, when in the world do they ever stop. You can sit at the sink for 45 minutes cleaning dishes, dry your hands with a feeling of victory, turn around and there is at least a whole other sinks worth behind you.

See, my issue with dishes wasn’t actually getting them done, it was storing them on the dish rack and put off emptying the dish washer. I would leave them there until it was absolutely necessary to put them away.

Why you ask?

Don’t know joe, this noodle works in mysterious ways. But because of this one small  huge act, dishes seemed like a bigger task than it really was. Not only did you have to get a whole sinks worth done, you had to empty the dish rack and most likely the dish washer as well.

So, here is a small change I made and the result has been so rewarding. Put away clean dishes immediately after washing them. There are certain dishes we don’t put in the dish washer, so whatever I have left in the sink, I wash and once I am done, I immediately dry them with a towel and put them away. This way, my dish rack is as empty as possible.

Believe me, there are times after work when the last thing I want to do is not only do dishes but dry then and put them away. BUT since doing this, my anxiety level is lower, and so is my husbands. He can easily come in the kitchen and either find what he needs without digging through a pile of dishes or he can easily come in and knock out a sink full of dishes without making it a day long chore.

2. Learning how to fold fitted sheets properly:

Ok let’s be honest, who here has a linen closet with balled up fitted sheets that are just shoved between other nicely folded sheets?!? Anyone……

I’ll be honest, I did!!!

Up until a few months ago, my fitted sheets were just balled up in this agonizing shape that just made me want to flip it off as I shoved it in my linen closet.

Then one day, I YouTubed, “how to properly fold a fitted sheet” And BAM, there it was, a slightly confusing video that took me at least 20 minutes of rewinding and re-watching. But you know what….

I learned how to fold that fitted sheet like a badass and I cannot express the feeling I get every week from this one simple act. My fitted sheet fits beautifully together with it’s BFF, the flat sheet. And instead of wanting to flip it off as I put it away, I always run my hand over it with pride and let out a little, “F YEA!”

Taking the time to just learn this one simple thing can help change your mind set and reduce unnecessary anger towards your sheets. I promise.

And don’t forget about the linen spray. It just makes your soul sing.

3. Using a wall calendar: I have attempting this method many times. But this time I gave it a strong go. And yes, there are still times when I forget to write stuff down but since utilizing it I feel a bit more relaxed in the head knowing I wrote it down and can see it daily.

A white board works fantastically as well. We have both in our kitchen. Our white board is to remind each other of things that need to happen, important appointments or a reminder to clean the litter box! And I use the wall calendar to meal plan and write reminders to plan for future things like the kids easter party at daycare.

Just getting things out of my head helps calm my ADD/ADHD down tremendously and seeing it in plain view everyday helps remind me to get it done.

4. Plan dinners for the week:

This one can be so difficult. And if I fall off of it, shit hits the fan throughout the week and we are left eating crap food. So, planning meals for the entire week is so crucial. I do have to admit, this is continuously a work in progress. Some days we don’t feel like eating what I had planned. There are times when I don’t realize we had three meals in a row that are beef….

…helllooooo attention to detail.

I mean, it happens.

But every Saturday, I write my days out and plan. I plan for Saturday and Sunday to be big meal days like spaghetti, enchiladas, or chili. I make a big crock pot or pan full and it usually carries us through a good portion of the week. Or we will BBQ up a big pack of chicken, thighs and drumsticks. Again, to carry us through the week. I usually make Mondays a left over day. This way we don’t have to worry about making a big dinner after going back to work.

I will plan on another left over for Tuesday because who really wants to cook a big meal on Tuesday! Then usually I will cook something easy like salmon or tacos (Mmm tacos) on Wednesday. For Thursday, possibly some more left overs, depending on what two big meals I made on the weekend. And Friday, we will either have pizza Friday or make a small easy meal.

Then BAM, I start all over.

5. Turning dirty clothes right side out: 

This one is such a simple thing that goes a long way. I will admit, it took me about 34 years to figure it out and I am not even gonna try and dance around it.

The moment I realized how this impacted me, I was sold.


Laundry is like everyones biggest peeve. It essentially takes about an hour to wash and then what feels like four days to fold. BUT….

What makes this task so much easier and cuts the time in half is…

…turning your dirty clothes right side out the moment you take it off. Easy right.

I know what you are thinking. Who’s got time to remember to turn their clothes right side out. And who the F really cares.

You should my friend, you should.

If you actually took the time to turn them right side out the moment you took your clothes off, you will be saving your self a ton of time during the folding action.

I swear.

6. Cleaning out your car daily: 

This one can be a huge one especially if you have kids. There are snack wrappers everywhere, crumbs, toys, blankets, a diaper bag…..I mean, come on.

Every time we would ALL get in the car, it was just so overwhelming. There would be trash falling off the door, one of the kids would fall over trying to get to their chairs. It was a mess, literally.

I got to the point where I felt the heaviness every time I got in the car.

Keeping small trash bags in the car has helped tremendously. But what is magical, is grabbing every bit of trash from just that single car ride and throwing it away, Every. Single. Time.

Everyday we get home, I make the kids bring in whatever is theirs, jackets, toys, drawings… and every time I close that car door, I run my hand over it with pride and let out a little,          “F YEA!”

Again this one simple act, has helped reduce stress, anxiety and just eliminates a tense moment.

We all need a little help. Some of these things maybe so obvious, but hey, I am not judging if you are just having a mind blown moment here.

Do you have any “make life easier” suggestion? You guys have to have something up your sleeve. I would love to hear about it and I am sure other readers would too.

Leave a comment with your best “make life easier” hack!

Happy making life easier!




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