Growing Celery

Let’s grow some awesome celery y’all…

Let me just start off by saying how incredible celery is. If you haven’t already read all about the health benefits of celery, I highly suggest you read all about it.

Today, let’s talk about how we grow the stuff.

We’ve got two ways to do this thing…

  1. From seed.
  2. From store bought celery.

Wait…….WHAT!!!!! From store bought celery???

I know right, is your mind blown too?!

All you need is about 2 inches of the bottom part of the celery, some water and tooth picks.

That is it y’all. Wanna grow some? Let’s do this.

Growing celery

1. First and foremost, when buying celery it is always better to buy organic.

2. Bring that beautiful bunch of celery home and the first thing you want to do is cut your entire stalk in one cut, about two inches from the bottom.

3. Find a jar that is big enough to fit the width of the celery. Wide mouth mason jars seem to be perfect. Or coffee mugs. Or old coconut oil jars! And fill it with water.

4. If you cannot find a jar small enough to fit your celery bottom, you can take 3-4 tooth picks and stick them on equal sides of the celery stalk and then place it on top of your jar.

5. Next, is the hardest part… wait. You wait until you see little tiny roots starting to form at the bottom of your celery. This is the exciting part. You will see your celery continue to grow leaves and then you see your little root system starting to form at the bottom.

***This can take anyway from 1-3 weeks. You want to make sure that you have a substantial amount of roots before you plant it in soil.

6. Now it is time to plant these bad boys. We like to do a soil mixture of equal parts perlite, compost and peat moss. Dig yourself a little hole. Fill it up with soil mixture.

7. Cover with straw or mulch and BOOM son, you just planted yourself some damn delicious celery.

This process is so incredibly easy. And if you are drinking celery juice every morning, why not replenish that store bought celery with your own homegrown.

Happy celery making!

Have you grown your own celery yet? Leave a comment, we’d love to hear all about it!


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