Let's make some homemade granola for breakfast.....Now, let me tell ya... I like me some granola for breakfast. But it has to be the right kind of granola. If it is too hard, that just brings my granola vibe down. If it is too soft, it just gets mushy and that just grosses my granola vibe out. The best granola is the kind that is the perfect amount of crunch to chewy fruit ratio. Don't
Essential oils for beginners..... Are you brand spanking new to the world of oils? Have you wanted to start your journey with oils but don't know how? You don't know where to start? Which brand to buy? Or how to use them? I hear ya, homie. It can get real overwhelming real fast. And here is the thing, most people shy away from essential oils because of all the questions I mentioned above and they
Let's grow some awesome celery y'all... Let me just start off by saying how incredible celery is. If you haven't already read all about the health benefits of celery, I highly suggest you read all about it. Today, let's talk about how we grow the stuff. We've got two ways to do this thing... From seed. From store bought celery. Wait.......WHAT!!!!! From store bought celery??? I know right, is your mind blown too?! All you
...And keep me from driving my husband insane (any more than I already do!) I don't know about you, but dang this whole life thing can get really overwhelming. Working full time, trying to raise decent human beings, attempting to be a wife (or husband), keeping a clean house (haha or a picked up house, let's be real) and trying to fit in an ounce of fun, just doesn't seem to flow as much as
Let's freeze them sweet potatoes shall we. We, aka my husband, harvested our purple sweet potatoes recently and we ended up with more than we expected. Unfortunately, we don't have a basement or a cellar that we can store these bad boys in so, I had to get creative. First thought was, let's can these beauties. Then I did some research and found that while canning sweet potatoes was definitely an option, the only real