Making Tea Like a Gangster do you feel about tea? Is tea part of your daily routine? Or can you even remember the last time you thought of tea? I was the one who could remember the last time she thought of tea, if I can be honest here. However, these days I'm finding myself salivating over it like … Continue reading Making Tea Like a Gangster


How To Juice a Pomegranate Like A MoFo

So come to find out these "seeded apples" are absolutely amazing for you. I mean, we all kinda figured. Pomegranate is an incredible little fruit that contains tiny little seeds. Around the seeds are ruby colored juicy pieces of fruit. If you have ever tried to enjoy a pomegranate, I'm sure you've discovered they can … Continue reading How To Juice a Pomegranate Like A MoFo

Best Darn Sinus Rinse Ever Yo!

I know what you are thinking, sinus rinse? I'm telling you, it's the way to go to clear out all the nastiness out of your nasal passage and sinuses. Our sinuses connect to our immune system and when that becomes compromised by viruses, infections, allergies, or even dust our immune systems begin to weaken. Washing … Continue reading Best Darn Sinus Rinse Ever Yo!

No Refrigeration Required?!

Let's talk eggs people! Now I've gotten some eyebrows raised when I tell people we keep our eggs out on the counter. Wait, you think we are crazy too? Well listen up y'all, FRESH-OUT-OF-THE-CHICKENS-BUTT EGGS do not have to be refrigerated. You see when the chicken lays an egg, the egg has a protective antibacterial … Continue reading No Refrigeration Required?!

Medicinal Herb Series: Lavender

Oh my, let's talk lavender for a second shall we. I mean there is nothing quite like it. The fragrance just fills the air with this delicate aroma. The flowers stand tall and proud. The deep purple color just pops against the muted green leaves. It is just a heavenly plant that is filled with … Continue reading Medicinal Herb Series: Lavender

Medicinal Herb Series: Echinacea

Let's talk about Echinacea for a second shall we. So we all have most likely heard of this herb. We take it when we are about to get sick, yea yea. But what you probably don't know is that this little herb is one of the most important herbs that can go into your natural … Continue reading Medicinal Herb Series: Echinacea

You Know You’re A Parent When…..

There are so many accomplishments in my life that I couldn't be more proud of. But becoming a mother is in a whole other category. It has been my greatest toughest accomplishment that blows my mind everyday. I mean I grew a human, thought I was going to die from the pain of having this … Continue reading You Know You’re A Parent When…..