Medicinal herb series: Lemongrass Lemongrass is an amazing medicinal herb. Not only does it smell absolutely delightful, it has incredible benefits for your body and your soul. Lemongrass, also known as Cymbopogon, is indigenous to India and Asia. It is a tall grass like plant with stalks. This plant tends to grow in a bush like manner and loves full sun and well draining soil. The leaves tend to be sharp on the sides and are
Herbal remedies for cold and flusIt seems like every year the cold and flu season gets more and more intense. And every year, you get the flu shot being shoved in your face harder and harder.Is anyone else tired of feeling like you have no control over this situation?I know I am.So, let's go over six herbal remedies to help us fight back with confidence and gain control over our own life. Shall we.I think
...I want to do everything the moment it comes to my mind. And it drives me crazy. Do y'all have this same problem? I mean, the moment I have a thought, an idea, whatever it may be, if it pops into my little baby head I want it done that very moment and won't rest until it happens. Y'all, I am tired. I am tired of feeling behind when in reality I am not. I
Kombucha Style.So, you have made a crap ton of kombucha and now you have found yourself with a crap ton of SCOBYs.  Don't you worry homie, I've got a fun super easy solution to this "problem." If we can even call it a problem because I mean, come on, SCOBYs are your friend. We want them around but not a crap ton, right?! Am I right! Today we are making some fruit roll ups, Kombucha
The time finally came. We canned our beautiful purple pole beans y'all. And they came out perfect. Purple pole beans are so much fun to grow. They are these perfect little beans that are the most gorgeous shade of purple. Give them an upright fence to grow on and boom son, no huge planter space taken up. This year, we planted them along this old ladder we had just sitting on the side of the