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Homemade Laundry Detergent

I can get into the harsh chemicals and fragrances that are in laundry soap but considering most of us can’t even pronounce half of them why bother. I’m guessing, if you’re interested in this post you have already discovered that the soap you have been using for all these years is just not the best route to take. So let’s skip the details that we all already know and get to the good stuff.

imageThere is nothing better than making things yourself.

It can get overwhelming when you start to learn about all the ingredients that make up everyday items that we use. The overwhelming part is that most of the ingredients in these everyday items we use contain chemical and other contaminates. What we have learned just recently is that ingredients listed as fragrance, natural flavoring and aromatherapy are all code words for “I am going to stick a crap ton of chemicals and other bad stuff and not have to tell you what they are.”

These ingredients are classified as “trade secrets” that most companies have the right to put on their product without disclosing what makes up those natural flavorings, fragrances or aromatherapy scents.

I mean, wtf!!! 

And here we are just using these products everyday without even realizing.

So instead of getting overwhelmed, let’s take one thing at a time. Let’s try and remove one store bought item at a time and replace it with a homemade product.

Let’s start with laundry detergent. 

Homemade Laundry Detergent

This recipe is super duper easy, the three things you need:
Washing soda
Bar of soap (preferably Dr. Bronners)

***You can add essential  oils as well if you would like a scent. Lavendar, lemon, tea tree are great options. Play around and find what tickles your fancy.

What you want to do is:

You want equal parts of all three, so if you use one bar of soap, it’s one cup of borax and one cup of washing soda. If you use two bars of soap you use two cups of borax and….you get the idea.

You want to grate the soap, yes, like cheese. Then dump everything is a food processor, I found using a blender just made everything get stuck at the bottom. The food processor has more space at the bottom that allows everything to mix together more easily. By using the food processor it will grind your grated soap to a finer powder, which helps it break down faster in the washing machine. Leaving it grated works but it will get stuck to your clothes, not so much fun when washing darks.


That’s it people, you have got yourself some homemade pure laundry soap. That doesn’t have nasty “secret” ingredients. I use a cup from an old laundry container and scoop just to the bottom line of the cup, for each load.

***1:1 ration lasts us usually about 3 months. Doubling or even tripling your ratios can give you quite a bit of soap, leaving you extra time to can up some beans!

Happy soaping!

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Baby Food: Pears

Making baby food sounds and feels more complicated then it really is.

If you have a pot, a steamer basket and blender, you’re ready to rock and or roll. The easiest way to make, making baby food efficient, is to make it in big batches and freeze them using ice cube trays. This is also incredibly helpful when you want to mix things up. I loved adding different cubes of food to their “meals.” I would add pears, purple sweet potatoes and apples to one bowl and they LOVED it.

 This recipe for pears is super easy, let’s get to it.


First wash and peel and core your pears. Then you want to cut them into big chunks. After so many times of doing this, I find you can just core them and throw them in the blender. Pears blend so easy it doesn’t take a whole lot of prepping.


Next blend them up you. Bing bang boom, baby food of the purest kind.


Pour it into ice cube trays, freeze up and then pop them out into a freezer bag and you’ve got food for a week or two.

Tips that have made my life just a tad easier,
• press and seal plastic wrap, just lay it on top and press and you’ve got a pretty decent seal for a few days.
• Leave the trays out for about five minutes before trying to pop those suckers out.
• Label label label


I mean, how freaking easy was that. And if you had enough pears and make a few ice cube trays worth of food, you have baby food for about a month or so. Especially when you have multiple bags of food, you can just throw a bunch of different cubes in a bowl, heat it up and bam, your little sweet potato monkey has a beautiful homemade breakfast, lunch or dinner in front of them.

Happy making!

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