Medicinal Herb Series: Lavender

Oh my, let's talk lavender for a second shall we. I mean there is nothing quite like it. The fragrance just fills the air with this delicate aroma. The flowers stand tall and proud. The deep purple color just pops against the muted green leaves. It is just a heavenly plant that is filled with … Continue reading Medicinal Herb Series: Lavender


Medicinal Herbs Series: Chamomile

Let's talk about chamomile for a bit shall we. Chamomile is one of my favorite herbs, much like lavender. Chamomile is insanely safe to use and is one of those herbs you must have on hand for babies and kids. I'm sure you have indulged in a chamomile tea or two in your life time. … Continue reading Medicinal Herbs Series: Chamomile

Comfrey and Lavender Salve

Let's make a salve people. A salve is an ointment made with healing properties. And as with most things I try and do, it's super duper easy man. You can literally make a salve with any dried herbs or oils. I choose to make a comfrey and lavender salve because well, if you don't know … Continue reading Comfrey and Lavender Salve

Homemade Deodorant

Say what! You heard me mang, homemade deodorant. It really is a satisfying thing to slowly start weeding out commercial products and replacing them with natural resources. To tell you the truth I've gone back and forth with weeding commercial products out. I go for a long time with using homemade products and then I … Continue reading Homemade Deodorant