Medicinal Herb Series: Lavender

Oh my, let's talk lavender for a second shall we. I mean there is nothing quite like it. The fragrance just fills the air with this delicate aroma. The flowers stand tall and proud. The deep purple color just pops against the muted green leaves. It is just a heavenly plant that is filled with … Continue reading Medicinal Herb Series: Lavender


Medicinal Herb Series: Echinacea

Let's talk about Echinacea for a second shall we. So we all have most likely heard of this herb. We take it when we are about to get sick, yea yea. But what you probably don't know is that this little herb is one of the most important herbs that can go into your natural … Continue reading Medicinal Herb Series: Echinacea

Fish Fertilizer For The Garden

Lets talk fish fertilizer for a bit. Fish fertilizer is an organic option to have when wanting to replenish your soil with much needed nutrients. Unlike chemical fertilizers, all natural fish fertilizers continually provide nutrients into the soil through different stages. Chemical fertilizers are quick release fertilizers which means, it will act quickly but will … Continue reading Fish Fertilizer For The Garden

Medicinal Herb Series: Rosemary

  Man, it's been a while since we've done a medicinal herb series but hey, we are here now so let's get down and dirty. Let's talk about the ever so popular herb ROSEMARY. Everyone has heard of it. Everyone loves it. It grows by the bush along most side walks. It's everywhere and it … Continue reading Medicinal Herb Series: Rosemary

Garden Pest Control With Neem Oil

You plant this awesome garden. This awesome garden starts to produce awesome things like, tomatoes, basil, strawberries, peaches. You see the beautiful flower blossom. Then you see the flower turn into the fruit you have always wanted. You get excited that you finally, after years of picking off the fruit so it can stabilize, finally … Continue reading Garden Pest Control With Neem Oil