How To Juice a Pomegranate Like A MoFo

So come to find out these "seeded apples" are absolutely amazing for you. I mean, we all kinda figured. Pomegranate is an incredible little fruit that contains tiny little seeds. Around the seeds are ruby colored juicy pieces of fruit. If you have ever tried to enjoy a pomegranate, I'm sure you've discovered they can … Continue reading How To Juice a Pomegranate Like A MoFo


No Refrigeration Required?!

Let's talk eggs people! Now I've gotten some eyebrows raised when I tell people we keep our eggs out on the counter. Wait, you think we are crazy too? Well listen up y'all, FRESH-OUT-OF-THE-CHICKENS-BUTT EGGS do not have to be refrigerated. You see when the chicken lays an egg, the egg has a protective antibacterial … Continue reading No Refrigeration Required?!

Simple Beet Kraut

Let's Β do a little fermenting shall we. We harvested some beautiful looking beets and carrots a few weeks ago. So I decided to ferment them. Man, the world of fermenting has just got me. It is so much fun. What made this batch even better, was that we grew it. The word ferment, scares people. … Continue reading Simple Beet Kraut


    Let's ferment some deliciousness, shall we. We are talking blaukraut here people. This batch of fermented veggies came out much more mild then my last batch that had more onion flavor. This recipe calls for caraway seeds, which I had never experienced before. They are very interesting little seeds. They give the kraut … Continue reading Blaukraut