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Life in a Kitchen…


I am learning what it takes to run a household. How to keep every room clean enough so that my family feels comfortable. I am learning how to be a wife and a mother at the same time. I am learning how to do this thing called adulthood. Some times it is really “F”ing hard. It is hard to balance working 40 hours and then coming home and balancing a life that is full.  As hard as it is, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My days off are spent in a kitchen canning a basket full of fresh grown tomatoes, green beans and jalapeño from my husbands happy garden. They are spent making batches of baby food to last a couple of months. Making lunches for the week. My days off are spent in the kitchen. Some days I think holy F I have not left this kitchen at all today. But my heart smiles. It smiles because I am taking care of my family. I am preserving the hard work of my husband through canning. I am making my baby the purest of food. I am giving us a healthy choice for lunch so that we can get through our day. I live for these days. I live for taking care of my family. Then it hits me, I am balancing this life that is full. I got this thing called adulthood. Some days maybe messy and I lose balance, I’m human, but I feel grounded. I feel fulfilled. Every night when I turn my kitchen light off my soul smiles. I am content with my life in the kitchen. I am making it the room in the house that allows me to grow as a wife, mother and an adult. Where I want to continue exploring new recipes for my family to devour. A room where my daughter remembers sitting on the counter in her apron dipping her fingers in the cheese while mama cooked. Where she learns what it means to be a wife, mother and adult. A room where she feels content, not that this is all she is meant to do, but where she feels fulfilled while she’s doing it. Where my son sees daddy cooking and doing dishes and learns that there are no gender roles. Where we all dance together while the music is  blaring. A room that bring unity to a family. A room that makes a house a home.

This is my life in a kitchen.