I have found a love, a love for a mason jar filled with organically grown green beans that my husband grew from seed. A seed that felt so much love, it had no choice but to wrap itself around an archway and flourish beyond belief. A seed that turned beautiful purple flowers into the most delicious green bean that your lips ever tasted. A seed that produced so much that it fed my family for months. A seed that felt the love of my husband everyday for months, that felt the hand of my daughter pick it off its vine and received the utmost respect from me by preserving its being. I found a love for living a homesteading life.

My husband and I live in a world that we created with the love we have for life. Where we spend all day doing what feels right for us. A world that lets us soak in our kids craziness. A world where we run screaming through the house because we can. A world that’s covered in sticky notes. Where we hate every bit of technology but use it in almost every aspect of our life. A world where we speed through cars getting frustrated that everyone is driving slow but in reality, we have no where to be. Where we rush to get home because there is only a few hours a day that our world exists. A world so filled with love that we can’t believe we get to be apart of it. A world where yoga, gardening, homemadeanything, canning, beard balm, essential oils, egg shells, and smoothies exists everyday.Homesteading in the city. Check out my urban homesteading backyard!