Geranium Linen Spray

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Use this Geranium linen spray to freshen up any room, car or even yourself! Made with only 3 ingredients. No chemicals and no preservatives. Made with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil. Always have the beautiful aroma of geranium near by.

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Weight .8 kg

1 review for Geranium Linen Spray

  1. Sandra

    I love this spray! I am really picky about scents and have a hard time finding products I like but I was so pleased when I got this.
    PS- it works well too! I left some fruits and veggies in my car after a workshop over the weekend. It smelled terrible to say the least but with a few sprays of this I was happily in my car with no complaints.

    • ohsureican

      We am so happy you loved the spray!

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